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Meland in Norway Meland municipality coat of arms


92,5 km2

Meland Local Directory

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Meland muncipality has approximately 7.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 92,5 km2 and lies in Hordaland. The main industry is based on fish and fish related businesses. As you approach Nordhordland from Bergen, you arrive at the Nordhordland Bridge at 1,610 metres, the world´s longest pontoon bridge without lateral anchorage and the gateway to Nordhordland. Turn off for Flatøy and Frekhaug just after the Nordhordland Bridge and you will arrive at Håøy. Håøy and Håøytoppen are very popular destinations for days out and walks. Håøya has a boating area and a swimming beach. From the top you get terrific views of the region. Follow the road on towards Holsnøy and cross the Krossnessund Bridge to arrive at Frekhaug, an administrative and shopping centre. The Torget Frekhaug Senter shopping centre is the millennium site in Meland Municipality.

Roughly 200 metres from the centre in the direction of the quay, you will find Sareptas Krukke studio and shop. At Holme, you will find the Bird Garden, Hansen´s Hage & Fuglepark. This visitor´s park contains exotic birds and plants and is a wonderful experience for both children and adults. At Holmeknappen you will find two museums containing historical collections, Holmestova and Sjøbua. Holmestova, dating from 1551 and the oldest house in Nordhordland, is part of the cultural heritage protection area in Meland.

The Sjøbua Coastal Museum is in a restored 18th century wharfside warehouse. At Frekhaug you can also take the "old road" in the direction of Meland church. You drive through an interesting cultural-historical landscape past Tveit and Brakstad to arrive back at Fløksand.

At Fløksand is Meland Golf Course, one of the best 18-hole golf courses in Europe, presenting unique challenges in a varied landscape.

Nearby is the lovely Fløksand, an alluring bay and swimming spot. From Fløksand, continue over the island and in a short while you will arrive at Rossland. The summit of Eldsfjellet mountain, at 324 metres the highest point in Meland, looms into view as you round the bend at Rossland. The start of the path is marked by a sign and an arrow beside the road. Drive alongside Eldsfjellet to get to the outermost part of the island. Skjelanger Fort lies right out at the ocean´s edge. Good fishing spots. Beautiful and varied walking trails, canoeing/kayaking in Storavatnet lake and cycling round Holsnøy.


The coastal museum in a restored seahouse dating from the eighteenth century is located on the Holmeknappen wharf. Open every Sunday in the summer season from 14.00 - 18.00. Otherwise by appointment.


The Nordhordland Hall and Knarvik Sports Stadium host a wide variety of events all year round. There are excellent indoor and outdoor training facilities Football pitches with grit, grass and artificial turf playing surfaces, indoor football pitches. Artificial turf 64 x 40 metres, athletics arena with outdoor jogging tracks. Spurtan track. Indoor athletics arena for running (Nortan) and jumping events. Cafeteria with big screen and conference room. Accommodation at variable prices and comfort can be arranged in clubhouses, schools, dormitories, cabins or hotels in the vicinity. Meals can be served in our cafeteria.


Nordhordland bridge, 1610 metres. The longest pontoon bridge in the world without lateral anchorage opened in September 1994.


Holmestova cottage, dating from 1551, is the oldest house in Nordhordland. Open every Sunday in the summer season 14.00 - 18.00 or by appointment.


Farm with traditional timber houses. Composite cultural landscape with enclosures and outlying barns. Post road from 1785 - 1866 (Trondheim Post Road).


According to the saga, King Håkon the Good was buried at Seim just by the church. The historical Håkonarspelet play is performed here every year in August. Recreation area open all year.


The Heathland Centre at Lygra is an information centre about the coastal landscape. Here you will find extensive heathlands maintained in the traditional manner through active farming. Nature experience and family-friendly walking terrain with prepared trails. Rambles with guide. Information building with café. Exhibition and film show in the information building from which guided rambles and farm visits are organised. Café serving traditional fare.


The Rhododendron Garden, the life’s work of Olav Tjore covers 4 acres and contains more than 300 different types of rhododendron and just as many trees and exotic bushes. Open in the season May - August, every day from 12.00 - 17.00 or by appointment.


17th-century farmhouse. The farm is located in a historical coastal landscape and fishing/farming environment. Open every Sunday in July and August 14.00 - 19.00 or by appointment. Guiding by appointment.


The West Norway Emigration Centre includes the emigrant church, Brampton Lutheran Church, brought over from North Dakota in the USA and an emigration archive for Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. 4 commemorative stones have been erected in connection with North American history and the Norwegian contribution during World War II. One stone shows the connection to the Western Isles of Viking times. A schoolhouse, a pioneer's house and schoolteacher's house from pioneer times have also been brought home and rebuilt. A town hall, prison and doctor's surgery opened in summer 2002.


The Bjørn West Museum at Matre presents the work of the resistance movement during World War II. Exciting and interesting Norwegian war history with an impressive collection of authentic weapons, equipment and personal effects. Multimedia show with Norwegian / English / German speech.


Living quarters in East Norwegian style dating from the 1820s. Also includes about 700 objects from the farm in the Trodalen valley. Trodal: equipment for farming, forestry, mountain-pasture farming, household artefacts and lots more. Separate media room on the first floor with old newspaper cuttings, including ones from the liberation day.


Hansens Hage & Fuglepark is a show garden containing both birds and plants. Different species of birds, including pheasants, finches, doves, parakeets, parrots etc. Opening hours: 12:00 – 19:00 from April to September. Otherwise ring for an appointment.


There is good fjord and sea fishing in Nordhordland. Not far to the west there are a lot of good fishing spots in the sea, where you can catch large cod, catfish and other types of fish. The open sea, the sounds and the calm waters of the fjords offer many good places to fish both from a boat or from the shore; salmon, trout, mackerel, cod, saithe, ling, pollack, tusk, halibut, flounder, angler fish and catfish. Get hold of a good sea chart with information about depth and the sea bed, and an angling guide with information about where to find the various species of fish - together these can provide you with a fine catch!

Some of the fjord and sea fishing spots in our region are Lurefjorden - just north of Lurekalven, Lurosen, The Fensfjord, Austfjorden, Risasjøen. The Stone Age site at Straume by Fonstraum bridge. For thousands of years this has been one of the best fishing spots in Hordaland. Toska – there are many good fishing spots along the interesting road from Manger to Toska. The road which follows the curves of the coast, is an attraction in itself. Øyanevegen road – from Austrheim out to Sævrøy, Krossøy and Baløy – many good fishing spots along the way.


Meland Golf Course a fantastic, new 18-hole golf course is one of the best in Europe, offering unique challenges in the varied landscape. The golf course has a ProShop and the cafeteria the 19th hole ("Hull 19"). The course lies approximately 10 km from Fløksand.