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Modalen in Norway Modalen municipality coat of arms


412,1 km2

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Modalen muncipality has approximately 400 inhabitants and covers a area of 412,1 km2 and lies in Hordaland. The municipial administrative center is Mo. The Osterfjord region consists of the municipalities of Modalen, Osterøy and Vaksdal. Osterfjorden is 27 km long, 1-3 km wide, and reaches a depth of 639 metres. Modalen is the second smallest municipality in terms of number of inhabitants, Utsira has less inhabitants.

The municipality has substantial revenues from hydropower and is also a major exporter of sand from the many sandy roofs in the valley. The valley road was first in 1976, when, in connection with BKK large hydropower tunnel was built from Eksingedalen. The valley road connection was also against neighboring municipality Lindås.

Modalen muncipality is bordered to the north towards Høyanger, to the east by Vik in south toward Vaksdal and to the west by Lindås and Masfjorden.

Modalen surrounds the innermost part of the Romarheimsfjorden (Mofjorden) and the Modalen valley which extends eastwards from the end of the fjord. Both sides of the valley are mountainous, so the municipality is quite isolated with only two roads connecting it to the outside world.

The Modalen Tunnel was built in 1976 and it connects this valley to the Eksingedalen valley to the south. The other road was built in the 1990s, and it follows the fjord heading west to Lindås. The Modalen valley centers around the Moelva river. The Steinslandsvatnet lake, in the central part of the municipality, is the headwaters of the river. The high mountains that surround the valley provide many sources of hydroelectric power such as the Skjerjavatnet lake.


The gigantic block of mountain rock called The Castle gives you a magnificent view towards Mo and further out the Mofjord. It resembles a pulpit ascending 200 meters straight up from the fjord. Easy to reach on foot within 1 hour.

Otterstadstølen is a very picturesque mountain farm situated in a nature reserve. The forest surrounding the farm is the most western growing natural spruce forest in Norway. This is an easy hike which takes about 45 minutes. Otterstad mountain summer farm, bike rental, mushroom-picking classes and deer safari.

In Modalen valley you´ll find a path stretching from the Mofjord to the mountain village Nygard, the first stretch on a well kept forest road along the Mo River.

The trail from Mo up to Motødna is steep and narrow and in some places quite "airy". You shouldn´t be scared of heights going up this route. But the reward at the top is a magnificent view of Mo, Otterstad and the Mofjord.


Do you want to experience the beauty of the Mofjord in a kayak. Kayaking the Mofjord is an experience that you will not forget. Vertical walls are diving into the fjord, and on two points you can actually paddle and rest beneath the steep wall where huge rocks has loosened and fallen into the fjord. See Slottet (The Castle) which is an unusual rock formation. You can take a walk to the summit of Slottet and enjoy beautiful views of Mofjorden. Rent a kayak or join a Guided tour here.


There is good fjord and river fishing in the Mo River. The open sea, the sounds and the calm waters of the fjords offer many good places to fish both from a boat or from the shore; salmon, trout, mackerel, cod, saithe, ling, pollack, tusk, halibut, flounder, angler fish and catfish.


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