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Map of Norway here.


The village of Hell have their own award winning site on the Internet, Miss Univers 1990, Rock Carvings and perhaps the most famous feature is Hell railway station and, of course, the sign (in Norwegian) stating "Gods Expedition". Although the station is now closed, trains do still stop to visit it.

Trondheim Airport (Hell Airport), Værnes, is the closest neighbour, and one of Norway´s best salmon and sea trout rivers, Stjørdalselva, joins the fjord at Hell. North Trøndelag have also Stiklestad, Namsen Salmon Aquarium, Namsskogan Family Park, Woxengs Collections, South Gjeslingan fishing village, Steinvikholm fortress, Hegra fortress, Namsos municipal gallery, Bølarein rock carvings, a boat trip along the North Trøndelag coast on board the Hurtigruta: Namdalingen or Snåsavatnet on board the Bonden II are recommended.


The Nidaros Cathedral is the world´s most northern cathedral, set over the grave of Saint Olav, patron saint and eternal king of Norway, located in Trondheim. Oppdal with pists for winter sports of every category is a popular destination for tourists, and so is also Røros. The mining town of Røros, based on copper ore from 1654 to 1987 is on the UNESCO list of world heritage.

Along the coasts the isles of Hitra and Frøya has benefited from the interest in salt water fishing, especially among German tourists. The largest fishing communities on Frøya are Sula and Mausund out on the islands. The tunnel from Hitra to Frøya is the world´s deepest tunnel. The southern most point on Frøya is an old fishing village called Titran with about 130 inhabitants. Titran is also known for its experimental wind mill energy production.


Muncipality in Nord Trøndelag

Flatanger, Fosnes, Frosta, Grong, Høylandet, Inderøy, Leka, Leksvik, Levanger, Lierne, Meråker, Namdalseid, Namsos, Namsskogan, Nærøy, Overhalla, Røyrvik, Snåsa, Steinkjer, Stjørdal, Verdal, Verran and Vikna.

Companies in North Trøndelag


Muncipality in Sør Trøndelag

Agdenes, Bjugn, Frøya, Hemne, Hitra, Holtålen, Klæbu, Malvik, Meldal, Melhus, Midtre Gauldal, Oppdal, Orkdal, Osen, Rennebu, Rissa, Roan, Røros, Selbu, Skaun, Snillfjord, Trondheim, Tydal , Ørland and Åfjord.

Companies in South Trøndelag