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Rindal in Norway Rindal municipality coat of arms


640,7 km2

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Rindal municipality has approximately 2.045 inhabitants and covers a area of 640,7 km2 and borders to South-Trøndelag. Rindal municipality is a typical inland community and is the only community in Møre and Romsdal that does not border to the sea. In the south lies Trollheimen with all its fishing-lakes and pristine beauty of scenery.

For those who wish to hike in the mountains Rindal is an appropriate starting point. Here there are marked paths going inwards to popular mountaintops and cabins offering hikers the opportunity for overnights and service.

Rindal is known as the skiing community and has good possibilities for winter activities. In summer you may visit one of the region's most popular museums, an exciting tourist facility in local style serving traditional food. Right in the centre lies Igeltjønna lake, an excellent basis for bathing, exercise and recreation for adults and children alike.

The municipality lies in the northeastern part of Møre og Romsdal county, along the border with Sør-Trøndelag county. Rindal is the only landlocked municipality in Møre og Romsdal county. The lakes Foldsjøen and Gråsjøen lie along the border with Surnadal to the southwest. The large Surna river begins in Rindal at the confluence of the Tiåa river and Lomunda river. The Trollheimen mountain range runs through southern Rindal.


Bygdemuseum with location of 13 buildings in the middle of Rindal. A collection of houses and objects from the area. Nice outdoors area. The museum has a special ski collection, among skies from Landsem Skifabrikk.


Surna is a 45 kilometre long river begins near Øvre Rindal at the confluence of the rivers Tiåa and Lomunda. The river then flows west and empties into the Surnadalsfjorden at the village of Surnadalsøra. There are several smaller rivers that flow into the Surna river from the Trollheimen mountains to the south. The lakes Foldsjøen and Gråsjøen flow into the river Surna. The river is a good fishing river.


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