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Sandøy in Norway Sandøy municipality coat of arms


20,4 km2

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Sandøy municipality has approximately 1.350 inhabitants and covers a area of 20,4 km2. Sandøy is a beautiful natural area with an exciting coastal environment. The lighthouse of Ona is a well-known landmark at Sandøy municipality. Ona is one of Norway's most famous fishing villages, located in the outer reaches of the fjord. With the ocean as its closest neighbour, Ona is able to offer abundant opportunities for adventures or for anyone who simply wants a bit of peace and quiet.


Is a smalI unique fishing community located on the farthest island from the Atlantic coast, founded in the days when it was a necessity to live as close to one's livelihood as possible. In 1670 an enormous tida wave flooded the island, taking with it many people and houses.

The lighthouse of Ona is a well-known landmark. Ceramic workshops are found here. Coach or car via ferry route 31, then 10 minutes drive across the island of Gossen to Småge and by ferry route 32. Saturday from Harøysund by boat.


Flatflesa Lighthouse lies on the small island of Flatflesa, about 9 kilometres west of the island of Gossa and about 5 kilometres east of the island of Sandøya. The original lighthouse was established in 1902 and in 1988 a new automated tower was completed. The 11-metre tall round, cylindrical, fiberglass tower is white with two black stripes. The candela light emits white, red, or green light occulting three times every 10 seconds. The light can be seen for up to 11 nautical miles (20 km).


The catch will vary with the season - anything from mackerel, herring, angler fish, cod, saithe, redfish, catfish, salmon, halibut. The fish will also bite if you fish from the quayside, breakwater or bridge. Should you be unfortunate enough not to catch anything, the island has fish farms, a lobster park and a receiving station for catches from the fishing boats.