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Surnadal in Norway Surnadal municipality coat of arms


1.364,8 km2

Surnadal Local Directory

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Surnadal is one of the gates to Trollheimen, one of Norway´s most fantastic mountain areas with marked hiking trails and good fishing possibilities. Surnadal muncipality has approximately 6.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.364,8 km2. Broad and fertile the valley lies down by the hord, and between the large well-run farms, glides one of Norway's best salmon rivers, the Surna. We have a total of four salmon rivers of which the Surna is the largest and has the best fishing results.

Experience the Nauståfossen waterfall and Europe's purest air and water at Kårvatn, the unique botanical garden of Svinviks Aboretum, or an old-fashioned "mountain farm" in Vindøldalen. "Vårsøg Town" is rich in music and culture with natural history collections, a museum, an art exhibit and the Y-shaped Mo church.

We think you will find that our local author, Hans Hyldbakk, was right in more ways than one when he wrote "Vårsøg" (The Sounds of Spring) and said "the sun shines here....".


Svinvik Arboretum is a botanical garden where the main emphasis is on trees and shrubs. The nomerous conifers and rhododendrons are the most notable plants in the arboretum. On the property you also find many beatiful and unusal deciduous trees and shrubs, different areas with perennials, a herb garden with medical plants, and a greenhouse with some tropical plants.


The county's historic memorial - one of five Y-shaped churches in Norway. Built in 1728 in a special shape which symbolizes the church trinity. The church is open on request.


The furtherest location in Todalen, approx. 40 km from Skei. Besides being the starting point for hiking tours in Trollheimen. Kårvatn offers Europe´s purest air and water, trout fishing in the river and mountain streams, a climbing wall and wilderness trips for groups upon request.


1 km on foot from Kårvatn. The falls are 110 metres high.


Småbruksmuseet in Todalen at Lauvås Boarding House. A collection of old objects from the household and media.


Down in Todal valley, lies a 100-vear old salmon-fishing lodge dating from the time Englishmen came here to fish in the rivers. The lodge is currently owned by the Tourist Association and operated by Phillips Fruer. Rooms available for overnight stays, and the restaurant is open from May until September. Also location for the Halse Collection including the "Vangsgutane".


Located in the Stangvik School on the way towards Kvanne. A collection of stuffed animals, fish, birds and insects native to the area. The latest additions are the Tnngvoll wolf and a large deer.


Located in Vindøldalen. Experience a real summer farm with old-fashioned traditions. An organically run farm. Sale of real farm products such as sour cream and butter.


Sjøbruksmuseet located in Bøfjorden The museum gives a glimpse into the sea culture of Nordmøre. It has a collection of boats (including a Færing), boat eqoipment, fishing cquipment and boat building equipment.


Art exhibition with paintings, mosaic and pastels by Kalla Skrøvseth (19l3 - 1997). The gallery is open in the summer, the rest of the year by appommment.


Bygdemuseum, fanrmyard with historic furnished farmhouses that show us life as it was in the olden days. Exhihibitons and activities during the summer.


Located where the river Surna runs into Surnadals fjord, approximately 4 km from Skei. Business and shopping flourished here in the days when the steamship dock was a popular meeting place. The special old neighborhood is an atttraction in itself.


"Utsikten" is located on the way over Nordmarka (Highway 65) in the direction of Kristiansund. From here, you have a panoramic view over the valley, the river Surna, Surnadals fjord, the county center at Skei, and the "old town" Surnadalsøra.


Kalkstranda, there are many swimming possibilities along the fjord, but the most popular place is the white limestone beach at Glærum, approximately 10 minutes drive from Skei.


Hiking trails in Trollheimen from Kårvatn, Folldalen og Vindøldalen. You should be an experienced hiker to start on a tour in this mountain area. You go along trails marked by the Tourist Association for a day trip or hike from cabin to cabin. This mountainous area is more wild than Rondane and rugged like Jotunheimen.

At Flessen outermost in the Hamnesfjord, Iies a marked trail which is recommended as an easy day trip. Take along a picnic basket. Along the path you will find old farmhouses, mountain farms a sawmill and millhouse, as well as beautiful scenery. The trail has two rings, one is 7 km and the other is closer to 10 km.


Surnadal county has four fjords where fishing for cod, coalfish, and pollack is good. Large and small boats can be rented, but it is also possible to fish from land. No fishing license required. Nordmarka is a fine area for lake fishing and berry picking. There is a toll road over the area from west to east. Fishing licenses for the lakes of Nordmarka can be purchased at the toll station on either the west or east sides.