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Grong in Norway Grong municipality coat of arms


1.136,2 km2

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Grong municipality has approximately 2.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.136,2 km2. Agricultural and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Grong. Grong´s admistrative center is in Mediå and the muncipality are located in Indre Namdal in Nord-Trøndelag county.

Sights in Grong: Gløshaug Church, Rongsmoen, Three waterfall, Værumsfeltet and Namsen Laksakvarium. Do you wish to go skiing, fishing, hang gliding, or hiking, you have come to the right place.


Namsen Salmon Aquarium is situated by the "Queen of rivers", approximately 15 km north of Grong city. The aquarium offers experiences for the eye, ear and mouth - who knows, you might even learn something new! At the Aquarium you can experience salmon, trout and the very special "Nams-blank" at close range. In the large fish tank both large and smaller salmon are swimming. Only the fish tanks glass separate you and the king of fishes! The aquarium is situated by the wild Fiskumfoss waterfall. More than one million litres of water cascades down the waterfall every second when the water level is high.

The salmon you see in the aquarium is wild Namsen Salmon caught in net in the Namsen Fjord. This is salmon that normally would migrate upstream during the summer. The aquarium contains 40.000 litres of water and approximately 8 salmons. The water's temperature should vary between 8 and 12 degrees, if the temperature raises the salmon will become flabby and dissatisfied.

The salmon stays in the aquarium for 3 moths before it's released into the river above Fiskumfoss. Now it will hopefully spawn and reproduce, before it migrates to the sea where it will stay during the winter. During their stay in the aquarium the salmon don't eat - neither does the ones living in the river. We don't know exactly why.


In Grong there is a lot of waterfalls. The three biggest is Fiskumfossen, Tømmeråsfossen and Formofossen. The location of Fiskumfossen lies close to E-6 south of Harran. The Fiskumfoss Waterfall is 34,5 metres high. Inside the waterfall there's a salmon ladder. The salmon ladder is more than 290 metres long, and one of Europes longest. More than 2.500 salmon used the ladder during the 2006 season. The highest volume of salmon in the ladder is in late July, beginning of August. At the top af the salmon ladder, the salmon can be seen in the Salmon studio - a pond with glass where you can se the salmon swim in its natural environment on it's way up the ladder. The salmon stays in the studio for a couple of days before it continues up the ladder and upper parts of the river where it spawns.

River Namsen is regulated, with 9 hydroelectric stations in the river, witch all use the same water to produce electric power. The power station at Fiskumfoss has three engines. Those three engines can use as much as 150 m3/second (150 000 litre/second) in their production. When there's less than 150 m3 water pr second there will not be water in the waterfall, but with more water than 150 m3/second, there'll be water in the waterfall.

Tømmeråsfossen lies in Sanddøla south of Mediå and Formofoss lies closed to the winterresort Bjørgan.


A historic trip through nature and culture. A path running through a area with 34 burial grounds. Along the path you will find information.


Værumsfeltet lies nearby RV 760 (between Grong and Overhalla).


The church lays on churchground date back to ca. year 1330. Gløshaug church was built in 1689.


Grong is a favorite spot for hang gliding enthusiasts. From the centre of Grong, take a country road up to Storhusfjellet, a starting point for hang gliding. The road is closed, but you can rent a key at the tourist office. To reach the site, a four-wheel drived car is required. During the winter season, the skiing facilities at Bjørgan are used for hang gliding. The municipality offers several spots/areas for landing.


Jørum Farm is an idyllic spot close to the river Namsen. Here you will find horses, hens, rabbits, cats and dogs. Children or teenagers are welcome to stay and experience a holiday out of the ordinary. Horses are an important part of the daily life on the farm. It is possible to ride on tracks, with horse and carriage, or just go horseback riding in the area. Swimming with the horses is also a popular activity, as well as the barbeques at the riverside.


There are several lakes and rivers, which are great for canoeing. Paddling down these rivers and lakes, you are certain to spot a beaver, or birds of all kinds. It is possible to rent canoes at Grong Fritidssenter. Here you can also book guided tours.


You can go for a swim in a "pool" called Tømmeråshøla in the river Sanddøla. Here you can slide down a shallow waterfall, or swim in the calm parts. Nearby you will find excellent areas for sunbathing or recreation.


You can explore Grong by bicycle. Here you can ride trails, paths, and roads. By using this mean of transportation you will come close to our fantastic nature. Bicycles can be rented at Grong Fritidssenter.


Grong council consists of large forests as well as mountainous areas (1100 km2). One can hunt on private, township, or state-owned land. It is possible to hunt a variety of small-game species in Grong. The most important ones are: white grouse, wood grouse, black grouse and hare. Elk hunting can be arranged for hunting teams. It is also possible to participate as guest-hunters.


Grong Skisenter is the largest alpine center in Northern-Trøndelag. The center offers ski and snow experiences for everyone! With the marvelous mount Geitfjellet (872 m.a.s.) as its backdrop, the center have an outstanding offer for those who enjoy slaloming, snowboarding, telemarking, sleighing down the hills or just palying in the snow.


For people who want to try their luck fishing in rivers or mountain lakes, this area has a lot to offer. Fishing licenses can be bought at the Tourist Information Office. Let the exciting Namsen river, better known as the ”The Queen of Rivers” treat you to a thrill of a lifetime! The Namsen River has trough all times attracted anglers of many nationalities. Today the Namsen River is regarded as one of Norway’s best salmon rivers. Every year about 20 - 25 tons of salmon are caught, and landing a trophy fish about 20 kg and over is not unusual. The angling experience can take many forms based on the needs and desires of the anglers. The rivers and streams of the Namsen waterways allow the anglers the opportunity to wade or fish from land, but "harling" (boat fishing) is also possible. The Namsen Waterways offer steep slopes, pools, as well as calm areas. These variations open up for challenging and exiting angling experiences. The one-day permits can be purchased at Grong’s tourist office and Grong Fritidssenter.