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Panorama picture from Hamarøy Municipality in Norway


Knut Hamsun returns to Hamarøy with his family in the summer of 1911. He had bought the farm Skogheim at Oppeid. Hamsun would like to be a farmer, but his writings made him drift apart from his family and the farm work. He needed tranquility to be able to write, and during this period in Hamarøy, he travelled a lot to find tranquility and inspiration. During the 6 years he spent at Skogheim he brought out the novels, "Children of Time", "Segelfoss town" and "The Growth of the Soil", forwhich he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

"The Growth of the Soil" brings us to the farm Kråkmo in Sagvassdalen. The novell is a about a farmer called Isav who clears ground for a farm in the wilderness and creates a safe existence for himself and his family. Hamsun stayed at Kråkmo for two periods of time while he was writing the novel. Today Kråkmo is a modern farm, but nearby Kråkmo there is an old decaying farm called Hoffmannelv. This farm gives you a good impression of an old-fashiones farm.

In 1917 Hamsun and his family left Hamarøy, and after some time he bought the big farm Nørholm where he lived for the rest of his life.