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Herøy in Norway Herøy municipality coat of arms


64,6 km2

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Herøy muncipality is an island community on the coast of Helgeland. The municipality consists of altogether 64,6 km2 of islands, isles and skerries and has a population of approximately 1,700 inhabitants. The centre of municipal administration is in Silvalen. The Coastal Road runs through the municipality.

Over the past century, the populated areas have contracted and most of the inhabitants now live in Sandøy, Husvær, Brasøy, Sør-Herøy, Nord-Herøy, Øksningan, Staulen or Seløy. Today most of the islands are linked together by bridges. The island Herøy can be reached by ferry or express boat from Sandnessjøen, or the new bridge built in 1999, that connects Herøy and Dønna together. Petter Dass’s birthplace with its islands and skerries, is really worth your attention. On North Herøy, about 5 km from the ferry landing at Engan, you will find a memorial stone commemorat-ing the remarkable poet, the priest Petter Dass. Here we find the farm where he was born in 1647.

The innumerable islands, isles and skerries constitute a coastline with an abundant flora and fauna, and the wide open spaces provide a basis for considerable biodiversity both above and below the water. You don´t have to look very far for the best fishing spots, and sea eagles, otters and seals may be watching as you haul the big ones on board. Most of the islands are shoreline islands only a few metres above sea level. Some of the most ornithologically significant wetlands along the coast of Helgeland are found here.

From Herøy, you can look out across a number of parishes together with well-known mountains like the Seven Sisters (De Syv Søstre), the Dønna Man (Dønnamannen), Lovund, Træna and Vega.

The main industries in the muncipality include fishing, aquaculture and related processing industries. Agriculture, shipping, mechanical engineering, tourism, trade and service industries are also important.

Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical Midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.


Old fishing station outermost on the island of Herøy where, in the old days, approximately 200 fishermen took part in the winter fishery. On 22 January 1901, 34 people perished here after their struggle with the elements. Boat trips to Sandsundvær are arranged during the summer.


Herøy Church on South Herøy, often termed the Helgeland Cathedral, is made of stone and dates back to the 12th century. Not far from the church, we find the Herøy local museum, which prides itself on having one of the county's most comprehensive collections of fishery-related items.


The folk museum is situated near Sør-Herøy vicarage. The collection is one of the largest in North Norway and consists of several buildings that house a good 8,000 exhibits. The various exhibits provide a unique impression of the old coastal culture. Herøy Bygdesamling Folk Museum is a branch of the Helgeland Museum.


On North Herøy, about 5 km from the ferry landing at Engan, you will find a memorial stone commemorating the remarkable poet, the birthplace of poet-clergyman Petter Dass. At Herøy Gård Estate he was born in 1647. Herøy Gård Estate is a traditional royal estate and bailiff´s residence with its islands, holms and skerries, is really worth your attention.


This island is an excellent spot for excursions and includes cultural monuments and a marked culture trail that passes by five Viking Age burial grounds.


The coast of Helgeland is perfect for cycling. Your enjoyment of the natural surroundings will be more intimate and authentic from the seat of you bicycle. You decide yourself what speed to go at and how far to go, and you can stop whenever you like and enjoy the scenery- and your freedom. At the tourist information you can hire bikes and get information where to cycle.


M/S Gamle Helgeland was built in 1954 and was delivered from A/S Stord to Helgelandske Dampskipselskap A/S in Sandnessjøen the 8th of July 1954. The ship sailed in many of the company´s routes from 1954 to 1977 when she was sold. From 1977 until 2003 the ship was in service by the Norwegian Coast Guard as inspection vessel. Today this ship has veteran status as a part of the ship cultural heritage in Norway. The ship will be re constructed to have the same design as she had in 1977. M/S Gamle Helgeland is able to carry 90 passengers in a day voyages around the islands on the coast of Helgeland. Furthermore she is able to carry 12 passengers in 2 bed cabins with shower and wc in the corridor. The ship is a very good alternative for companies-groups or for private persons who wants to experience something else in their holiday. Here you will find 1954 atmosphere! The passenger saloon can be arranged for up too 60 persons for dinner.


Stortuva is the highest summit in Herøy. The walk takes about 15 minutes and is suitable for children. Stortuva, 98 metres above sea level. Stortuva offers a fantastic view to the mountains The Seven Sisters and The Dønna Man, and also to the island Vega.


At Herøy can you hunt for goose and roe deer. On the coast of Helgeland there are good stocks of for example moose, roe deer, hare, fox and goose. You can buy hunting licence or get more information about hunting on Herøy by contacting Kornelius Dahl on the Phone + 47 75 05 80 18 or Åkvik Gård on Phone +47 97 10 00 82


Guided trips, canoe and kayak rental. Shoreline paddling, trips ashore and overnight stays in a lavo (Sami tepee) elk safari with a taste, guided rambling in the Seven Sisters or Visten mountains.


Some parts of the Norwegian coast are world famous for their underwater environment. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, which provides the coast of Nordland with relatively mild climate, scuba diving is possible all year round. The coast of Helgeland is perfect for scuba diving and is said to be an Eldorado for divers. You can for example explore old shipswreck or dive for shells. Hunting or fishing under water is aloud and can be done with a knife, spear or harpoon. Anglerfish and wolf fish make particularly tasty prey.


The coast of Helgeland is suitable for fishing, and in all four muncipalitys, Herøy, Alstahaug, Leirfjord and Dønna, it is easy to find good fishing spots. You can fish with a rod from the shore, or go out to sea in a boat. Regard to what you do, you will probably catch one fish at least. The sea fishing in Helgeland is exceptionally good! Sport fishing in the sea for saltwater fish is free of charge. Foreign citizens may engage in sports fishing with hand held tackle, but may not set out fixed equipment such as lobster/crab pots or nets, fishing lines or fishing nets. Foreign citizens are not permitted to sell their catch. Be aware that there are a number of special rules in regards to fishing. Remember to purchase a fishing licence. Usual fishes are: Cod, Saithe (Coalfish), Haddock, Tusk, Wolffish, Mackerel, Herring, Redfish, Atlantic halibut, Atlantic salmon and Trout.