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Ringebu in Norway Ringebu municipality coat of arms


1.247,5 km2

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Ringebu muncipality has approximately 4.600 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.247,5 km2. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Vålebru. From Ringebu, two mountain passes provide road access into the Østerdal; one of these is closed during the winter. Because these mountain areas reliably provide good snow conditions, the area is a popular tourist destination. Kvitfjell ski area in Ringebu was expanded to serve as a downhill venue for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer and the alpine skiing technical events (giant slalom and slalom) hosted at Hafjell.

The Gudbrandsdal valley offer plenty of contrasts. History, traditions and old building techniques survive side by side with a modern lifestyle. Mountains and valleys, town and village, old and new. You can travel from one to the other and put together a travel package suited ti your own specific tastes. The area has a long history of satisfied visitors. Tourists have been coming to the region for more than a hundred years. Because these mountain areas reliably provide good snow conditions and offering activities, restaurants and accommodation.


Fåvang is located in south of the valley and traditional district of Gudbrandsdalen valley, 51 kilometers north of Lillehammer. On the west side of the Gudbrandsdalslågen river, about three kilometers away from the centre of Fåvang is Kvitfjell. Fåvang Church was built after the Reformation, for the most part of using materials from earlier stave churches in the valley which had been demolished. The church was probably built between 1627 and 1630. The oldest parts can be dated back to around 1150-1250.


Kvitfjell was built for the XVII Winter Olympic Games at Lillehammer. Since then, it has become one of the best and most modern ski resorts in Northern Europe. Kvitfjell is located just 2.5 hours north of the Oslo International Airport, along the main railway and highway. Throughout the year we offer a variety of activities for both private- and business groups. For those who enjoy speed, we can arrange quad safaris. If your group wants something not so physically challanging, we offer canoeing on calm lakes combined with a lunch. While you are here, why not enjoy a nice meal at one of our tipi-tents or old mountain farms?


Gudbrandsdalen valley is oriented in a north-westerly direction from Lillehammer and the lake Mjøsa, extending 230 kilometers toward Romsdalen. The river of Gudbrandsdalslågen (Lågen) flows through the valley, starting from Lesjaskogsvatnet and ending at Mjøsa. The Otta river flowing through Otta valley is a major tributary to Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Together with Glomma river and Østerdalen, Gudbrandsdalslågen and Gudbrandsdalen forms Norway´s largest river / valley system. Gudbrandsdalen is home to Dovre Line and the E6 road, and is the main land transport corridor through South Norway, from Oslo and central eastern lowlands to Trondheim and Møre & Romsdal.


Venabygdsfjellet is located south of Rondane National Park. This snow-secure mountainous area is known for beautiful scenery, a stable climate and boasts an excellent ski terrain. Venabygdsfjellet offer a network of 140 km of marked ski runs and varied, easy mountain terrain with peaks of over 1400 meters. The area is one of the best in Norway for cross-country skiing and is suitable both for families and those who require greater challenges.


The church was probably built about 1225-1250 AD and it appears in written sources for the first time in 1270 AD. This is a triple-nave stave church. The St. Laurentius image and the font are medieval, the altar-screen from 1686, and the pulpit and the chancel-arch monogram from 1702. This church seem to have been built as a cruciform church originally, but the cross arms were replaced with new and even bigger arms during 1630.

The Stave Churches are constructions of high quality, richly decorated with carvings. In virtually all of them the door frames are decorated from top to bottom with carvings. This tradition of rich ornamentation appears to go back to the animal carvings of the Viking age. The dragons are lovingly executed and transformed into long-limbed creatures of fantasy, here and there entwined with tendrils of vine, with winding stems and serrated leaves. The elaborate designs are executed with supreme artistic skill. The stave church doorways are, therefore, among the most distinctive works of art to be found in Norway. However, it is difficult to connect them with the Christian gospel.


The church is a reconstruction of parts of other churches, built around 1630. Because it has been extensively modified, it is not counted amongst Norways "real" stave churches. The altar and pulpit are of Renaissance style.


Ringebu Prestegard (vicarage) (1743), was restored in 1997, for the opening of a permanent art exhibition of Jacob Weidemann paintings, a unique retrospective art collection. 40 paintings show the artist's production during 50 years.

"Ringebu Stave Church" an exhibition of the construction of Ringebu stave church, the history, interior decoration and craftmanship. Large exhibition of archaeological excavation of Ringebu Stave Church.


At Kvitfjell you will find several skiing slopes. Olympic Arena for Downhill in 1994. Historical trails in Kvitfjell. On Kvitfjell you'll find everything from steep "black diamond" runs, to runs ideal for family skiing, when speed is not the first priority. The snow production facilities cover as much as 85% of the slopes, and this makes Kvitfjell one of the first ski areas to open every year, as well as one of the ski areas with the most skiing days every season. Kvitfjell is a modern, high quality ski resort, with a lift capacity of 8.100 persons per hour, and a drop of 840 metres. The longest run is 3,5 km long, and the snow park has 1 halfpipe and 3 quarterpipes. There are more than 600 km of cross-country tracks available starting from Kvitfjell.


Kvitfjell Golfclub a golf course with 18 holes and a variation of difficulties and lies approximately 50 km from Lillehammer.