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Rømskog in Norway Rømskog municipality coat of arms


183,1 km2

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Rømskog municipality located in Indre Østfold, in the northeastern corner of Østfold, and with its less than 700 inhabitants and a area of 183.1 km2 is eastern Norway´s smallest municipality. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Rømskog. Slavasshøgda is a hill in Rømskog and is the highest point in Østfold county at 336 metres (1,102 ft). The village is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with ample opportunities for hunting and fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, etc. Thanks to its position next to the border with Sweden, Rømskog is famous as an important own on the route followed by people fleeing Norway during the war. Because of its beautiful scenery, and not least the lake Rømsjøen, Rømskog has become known as the pearl of Østfold. The rich flora and fauna guarantee you will come away having experienced Norwegian nature at its best. The main road RV 21, also called the Wilderness Way, passes through the municipality.


Rømskog Church has had many facelifts over the years. The present church is from 1952-57, when it underwent extensive renovation, inside and out. However, once upon a time a wooden stave church stood on this site, which was first mentioned in 1369. The church is on the eastern shore of the beautiful lake Rømsjøen, where, according to legend, the materials for the church were blown ashore.


The old school house is from 1860-1865 and consisted of two rooms - a classroom and a kitchen with a sleeping area in an alcove in the wall. The school was closed in 1940, after almost 80 years of use. Trosterud School was reopened as a school museum in 1977.


An art gallery run by the sculptor and artist Arne Lindaas, exhibiting a collection of his own paintings, sculptures, glass and other creations. The gallery also houses a permanent exhibition of paintings by the artist's father, Waldemar Lindaas. Food and drinks can be bought in the gallery cafè.


Haukenesfjellet fire watch tower in order to prevent widespread forest fires, Østfold Forestry Society built the fire watch tower on the top of Haukenesfjellet in 1909. It was last renovated in the 1950s. Fire watch duty was discontinued in the mid-1970s. The tower is on a hill top 335 metres above sea level and can be reached by the footpath Vestsida.


Rømskog municipality took over Kurøen farm as a bequest from the Melleby family in 1986. Kurøen is a traditional rural courtyard farm and also acts as a cultural centre. The history of the farm can be traced all the way back to 1599. The current farmhouse was built in two stages, with a new building, which was built around the original house. The barn dates back to the 19th century. There is also a prime example of a traditional timber woodshed, a traditional Stabbur food storehouse on pillars and a forge. Combine a trip to the farm with a relaxing day fishing and bathing.


Rømsjøen the largest lake in the municipality, covering an area of 14 km2. The lake has facilities for bathing, fishing, sailing and canoeing. The lake is connected to Sweden by the river Ouselva.


There are some 50 or 60 animal burial pits registered in Rømskog. There are two particularly well-preserved pits from the 16th century near the pond Sagtjern, which can be reached by the footpath Stemningen.


The 130 lakes and ponds in Rømskog make this a real Eldorado for anglers. Fishing licences issued by the local hunting and fishing associations can be bought in the local shop.