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Kvitsøy in Norway Kvitsøy municipality coat of arms


6,2 km2

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Kvitsøy, far west out at sea. A 50 minute journey by ferry from Mekjarvik will bring you to Kvitsøy. The municipality of Kvitsøy is located deepest in the Boknafjord. It consists of four populated islands and a number of small islets, as many as there are days in the year, it is said. Kvitsøy muncipality has approximately 550 inhabitants and covers a area of 6,2 km2 that make it the next to least populous municipality in the county. The islands have no woods, but are green and fertile and support a steady agriculture that includes breeding animals for fur.

Kvitsøy´s traditions in fishing and shiping go a long way back. These occupations have now grown less important, but dependence on the sea prevails: fish and lobster farming and servicing the fishing fleet. There is also a fish depot, a fishmeal plant and a shellfish plant. In addition to some minor industrial activity, Kvitsøy Kringkaster - broadcasting - are the major employers. The municipality has land available for new enterprises.

Land for new residential development will be made available adjoining already built up Leasundet and Ydstebøhavn. Work places will be increased and communication improved. At present, the municipality has a number of commuters who work on the mainland and whose ferry fares between Kvitsøy and Mekjarvik are reimbursed by the municipality. The are six daily ferry connections; travel time is 45 minutes.


The church dates back to 1620 and is one of the most visited places on the island. There is also a stone cross from the Viking age.


The lighthouse is of a more recent date. By prior arrangement, you can enter the lighthouse and enjoy a view right across Kvitsøy.


When out on the open sea, you should visit Ydstebøhavn with its small marina, and Lauritz Haaland Galleri exhibiting art from Kvitsøy. Holiday flats can be rented.


Enjoy the rugged coastline, the invigorating sea air and the secluded coves. Sea-fishing is unrivalled here. Try your luck casting the line from the rocky foreshore. A day at sea is an unforgettable experience, fishing either from a smack or a cutter.