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Sauda in Norway Sauda municipality coat of arms


546,4 km2

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Innermost in Boknafjorden, Sauda is nestled between magnificent mountains and the fjord, close to beautiful waterfalls, mountains, as well as fishing and hunting areas. Sauda is community, as well as a region, that is full of contrasts - where you can find major industry, well-kept farms, and exciting tracts of nature just waiting to be explored.

In the center of the city, there are charming shops - including a variety of accommodations and a pleasant nightlife – but where the visitor also feels close to nature and all that has to offer. Sauda is a good point of departure for any visitor to take advantage of outdoor life, experiences and adventure! All set in an interesting industrial and historic perspective. Sauda muncipality has approximately 4.800 inhabitants and covers a area of 546,4 km2.


Honganvikfossen is also known as "Brudesløret" (the bridal veil). A beautiful waterfall, in springtime! Visible from Route 520 between Sauda and Ropeid. All year round, butt he waterfall is biggest in the spring and autumn.


Svandalsfossen is a breathtaking waterfall just aside the road Rv 520 few minutes of driving from Sauda. Made easily accessed with good parking, information, signs, viewpoints, plateus and small bridges. And at last, but not least, several stairs with almost 500 steps that takes you from the fjord and up to the spectacular waterfall. Feel the cooling spray of pure norwegian water in your face! Be aware of the slippery rocks and steep terrain.


A fascinating geological phenomenon. Some of the potholes are big enough to enter. The pothole-area is also a perfect place for a refreshing bath in the summer. Follow the road signs from Sauda to Åbødalen. The road goes all the way in to Buer, which is about 10 km from downtown Sauda. Season: spring, summer and autumn.


The Jone farm (Jonegarden) has been owned by the same family since the 1600’s. The farm stretched from the fjord, up to about 1000 meters over sea level. The farm boasts a variety of plant and animal life. The farm has never been cultivated using modern agricultural methods. The main building is restored, and its inventory has basically been untouched since 1890. The farm nature path winds through the special cultivated landscape of the area, to the waterfall, Kvednafossen. There you will find the grain drying area, a mill, workshop and sawmill, which all run on waterpower! Drive 13 km from Sauda on Route 520, toward. The drive takes about 15 minutes.


Theme: 100 years of technical development at home and in the office. Sound, communication, cleaning, knitwear workshop, beauty parlor, skin and hair treatment. In the middle of downtown Sauda.


The first owners of the steelworks were required to construct housing for all their workers. And that is why Åbøbyen was first built. It is a well-regulated town, with parks and sports arenas. A visit to the Industrial Workers’ Museum lets you experience the living conditions of the workers in their apartments, dating from the 1920’s and the 1960’s. There is also a photography exhibit which illustrates life at the steelworks – to the present day. Just beside Eramet Norway. Take Route 520, and turn left before the bridge at Elkem.


The zinc mines constituted the first industrial age in Sauda. It all began in 1881, when a cottage farmer discovered a zinc-ore in the mountains of Sauda. The mines were operated through 1899, with workers numbering from 4 to 148 strong! Today the mines - though no longer in operation - offer an exciting tour. We start with a beautiful walk along the old mining road, which clings to the mountainside over the river Storelva. Upon arrival at the mines, we enter the tunnels, where it is cold, dark and damp; and where we can really get a feel for what it must have been like to have worked here over 100 years ago. A thrilling adventure for the whole family. Drive from downtown Sauda along Route 520 toward Røldal, for about 8.7 km. The trip takes about 10 minutes. Season: every day during the summerseason.


Risvoldtunet is a small country courtyard located just beside the Sauda Fjord Hotel. Here you will find a mill, a grain drying area, a separate “cook´s house”, common on old farms, as well as a long house and a small power station. Except for the power station, all the buildings are reconstructions of the ones that were on the farm in the 1880’s. The farm is in normal operation, and the farmer provides guided tours and demonstrations at the various facilities. Groups can order food or meals in the longhouse, and the facilities are fully licensed. In Saudasjøen, 3 km from Sauda.


High above Saudasjøen, with a fantastic view over the fjord, we find an old country courtyard and farm: Tveit Tunet. The farm has been restored, and the old tools, furniture, and household items are in place – as they were at the turn of the last century. I miniature version of Tveit Tunet is on display in the the Fagerheim collection ("Fagerheimsamlinga") in Saudahallen. In Saudasjøen, off Route 520. Distance from downtown Sauda – 8 km.


This is a collection of over 100 wooden, carved objects by craftsman Ola Fagerheim. "From cradle to grave" is the name he, himself, gave to the collection of his work. The collection is a window on life and work, from day to day, on weekends and during holidays in a small community in Southwestern Norway, at the turn of the last century. The exhibit is in Saudahallen, in the middle of downtown Sauda.


Saudefaldene Corporation triggered the industrial era – with its dramatic changes - in Sauda. This was largely due to the development of hydroelectric power and the power plant, in 1913. There are guided tours of both the old and the new power station at Hellandsbygd. Hellandsbygd, on Route 520. Drive about 15 km from Sauda, toward Røldal.


Sauda Church was built in 1866. The church was built based on the plans designed by Architect Lindstov. In the 1950´s, the church underwent a major reconstruction and renovation, and in 1980 the base of the turret was built, with emergency exits and steps up to the gallery. Because of the reconstruction work, there is little left of the original Sauda church building. It is open to visitors on request.


The Saudasjø chapel was built in 1973. It is a "working" chapel and also functions as a town hall type meeting place for the residents of Saudasjøen. The chapel is designed to be able to separate the alter from the nave, with folding doors, so that the space can be used for othergatherings and activities not necessarily related to ecclesiastical services.


Hellandsbygd chapel was built in 1956, and converted from a prayer house to a chapel. The chapel has a lovely meeting and activity room, and can be used for gatherings and various activities. From Sauda, drive in the direction of Røldal for about 15 km, to get to Hellandsbygd.


Sauda Ski Center is located about 5 km from Saudasjøen, and is one of the largest ski centers in the entire southwestern part of Norway. It has 5 ski trails with a capacity of 5.200 people/hour, and takes you 4 km into the mountains. You can choose from among several trails: several alpine and downhill trails, a special children’s trail, a snowboard park, and prepared cross country trails – in the beautiful mountains of the Sauda region.

Svandalen, with its ski lifts and alpine ski-runs has become more and more important for the local people. The downhill ski centre in Svandalen can compete with others in the national and international market.


Tennis court in Åbøbyen. Contact Sauda Tourist Office for further information on this and other attractions and activities.


Åbødalen, Herheimsdalen, Nordstøldalen, Svandalen and Slettedalen are only some of the alternatives! Well-marked pathways, completely untouched nature. The tracks pass through varied nature, both during the summer and winter. Sauda Walking Association offers trips with a guide.


Outdoor heated swimming pool is open during the summer season. Bathing spoes at Sauda Tourist Centre and at Rødstjern lake in Saudasjøen, Storemyr lake in Åbødalen and by the fjord.


The mountain areas around Sauda have many well stocked lakes and rivers. Here you can fish for salmon, sea-trout, trout and red-bellied trout. Saudasjøen also provides good conditions for fishing in the fjord. Fishing permit: G-Sport in Sauda and Sauda Turist senter in Saudasjøen rent out fishing equipment.

Boats, with or without engines, can be rented from Sauda Touristcenter Sauda Tourist Office rents out canoes.