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Vindafjord in Norway Vindafjord municipality coat of arms


628,4 km2

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Vindafjord muncipality has approximately 9.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 620,0 km2 and lies in the County of Rogaland. The administrative center in the muncipality is Ølensjøen. However, it has been decided to make Sandeid the future administrative centre of the township. Another villages in Vindafjord is Ølen, Imsland, Vikedal, Vats, Sandeid and Skjold. Work to accomplish this is under way at present. The economy of Vindafjord is based mainly on agriculture, but the municipality has a number of crafts and industries as well. A base for building and equipping oil platforms has been established at Vats. Thus, the oil age has reached Vindafjord. About 20 kilometres of the E 76 highway goes through Vindafjord. The muncipality has a good communications system in all directions, and excellent express boat route.


Ølen is the regional centre of Inner Haugalandet of which Ølensjøen is the largest town with approximately 1.450 inhabitants. Ølen is home to a diverse cultural heritage, much of it derived from its long tradition of agricultural and coastal activities. Parts of the ancient settlement are preserved in Sjoargata, which is characterized by street image in Ølen. The main activities in Ølen is Fatland Meat. This slaughterhouse is the largest privately owned slaughterhouse in the country.

Much of Ølen is bound by the sea, which allows for good fishing and bathing possibilities. Take a ferry and sail between forseted islands, watching the deep fjords changing from turquoise to dark blue with the shifting sunlight. From the several scenic view points around Ølen, the landscape ranges from forested hillsides, to the snow-capped peaks of the glacier Folgefonna which stands regally in the distance.


Ølensvåg village has approximately 400 inhabitants, and is located in Ølsvågen which is the innermost part of Ølsfjorden. In Ølensvåg is most of the industry in Vindafjord, among other companies Westcon, Omega, Ølen Betong, Berge Sawmill, Granberg Garveri and Sandfrakt. In Ølensvåg is also Vågen school with grades from 1 - 7th grade and Lundsneset secondary schools.


Bjoa are the cultural village in the municipality, with rich memories of the past. Steinslandssåta is a stone fortress on Innbjoa and culture trail with rock carvings from the early Bronze Age at the Hovlandsstø in Utbjoa. Bygdelaget is now engaged in taking new labor to the village with IT-related skills. There are also laid out attractive sites to build new homes. The population is approximately 500 people.


Vikebygd is idyllic location by Ålfjorden. The village has approximately 550 inhabitants, but in the summertime mostly double the number itself. The village became known in the late 1980 century when the protective wall Ekofisk Platform was built here. It is therefore a good industrial area today, and good opportunities for entrepreneurs to settle down. Plassabakeriet, a bakery museum with all the serving dishes are a nice place to stop for a meal, and you need accommodation then Bjordalstun is the right place.


Skjold is a populous village with approximately 1390 inhabitants. Skjold school is the biggest school in Vindafjord, a combined primary and secondary school, which in addition also takes the young pupils from Vats and Vikebygd. The village has a central stadium and gymnasium located at the school. This is also a kindergarten. The private sector, in addition to agriculture, tied to small craft businesses within the building / construction. Skjold Church is a beautiful building, in addition to church services, host frequently used for cultural activities, concerts and art exhibitions.

Place name Haraldseid / Haraldseidvågen is connected with the saga of King Harald Håfagre. Historians are now trying to locate the course for what they assumed to be a dragseid between Ålfjorden and Skjoldafjord. A dragseid is a road where one pulls boats between two fjords. Such a dragseid (holveg) we also find remnants of the Sandeid. Skjold is the part of municipalities with the largest growth in population.


Vats are from way divided into two districts. The population is approximately 1200. In the Åmsosen grew up store connected to ships to Stavanger. At this place, Jakob Hatteland built his company within the IT industry. From about the middle of the 80th century the world´s biggest oil platforms in concrete built or equipped for Raunes in the Lower Vats. Now the company AF Decom taken base to use it again, to chop up the many oilrigs in the North Sea, when they get to old. On Knapphus in Upper Vats is a small city, with several different kinds of businesses, from trading to sales / service. School lies in the Lower Vats. In former Upper Vats school there is now kindergarten.

In Lower Vats lies Vindafjord church and Vindafjordhallen. Vindafjordhallen contains party room / dining facilities and indoor swimming pool. Vindafjord museum, the municipality´s new and modern care center, is also in Lower Vats.


Sandeid population is just over 1000 inhabitants. Largest companie are Nortura Sandeid. In Helgeland, the inter-municipal Ski resort with floodlit for all year use. In addition, there are opportunities for many fine walks in the village, ex. Lysenute, Øktaren and Olalia. Place name from Sandeid indicate early settlements. This place has it in ancient times held horse race. Helgeland is tied to religious action / evt. religious center. Sandeid communityhome is central to the village and house a lot of activity such as theater, bingo, shooting. Sandeid have primary school and kindergarten.


Vikedal is in many ways similar to Sandeid. The population is approximately 850. Also Vikedal has houses a substantial part of the municipal administration. Tourist industry has played an important role throughout the season. In or near Vikedal lies several campsites. The municipality has pointed out Vikedal and Imsland that area for the development of the tourism industry. A good part of this industry has been linked to Vikedalselva as salmon river. Much of the populated river has continued on fine old building. Vikedal´s festival village before all the other villages in Vindafjord.

Here you find Vikedal Roots Music Festival, Summer Festival, Zportyfestivalen and beach volleyball festival. Up in Vikedal Valley lies motorsport facility to NMK-Vikedal. Vikedal school´s combined primary and secondary school, with kids step Vikedal and Mo, and youth step Sandeid, Vikedal and Imsland. Vikedal have new great nursery close to the center.


Imsland is the smallest of the villages in Vindafjord. The population is approximately 350. In this part of the municipality we find several farms, both land and sea. Imslandssjøen is a pearl, which has some of the best preserved old wooden architecture of our sides. Most of these houses were built here in the period 1870-1890, when it was built sailing ships. This is also the church. The forest has over time played an important role in Imsland. The village has a primary school and kindergarten in the same building. There are several large cabin area in the village.


Part of the river Vikedalselva forming a 30 metre high waterfall characteristic of the Norwegian landscape. The waterfall has created an impressive canyon which has a large boulder resting on it to form a top. Låkafossen has 30 meter free fall, and the water goes down through a canyon, and that some of the water comes out from a ravine. High up there lies a mountain block of the falls, hence the name Låket. Here came a dry-shod over the river before the bridge came.

By Låkafossen waterfall runs in a narrow current with potholes. In actual waterfall there potholes in diameter from 30 cm to about 5 meter. At low water levels you can walk through the waterfall under Låket. At high water level falls are particularly large and one must be cautious. At low discharge is and allowed to swim in the pools at the bottom of the waterfall.


Oppsalfossen waterfall is the first stop for the salmon. It is located right above the center and here was the first salmon stairs built at around the turn of the century. These were later modernized by building a tunnel through the island that divides the falls in two. At the top of Oppsalfossen waterfall there is a still pool called Kvilehølen. Here lies the salmon before heading further up the river. Most of the fish taken in the lower 600 meters, from Osen to the protection zone around the falls. There is a staircase (tubes) that carry the fish further up the river. Above the falls the river meanders quietly into the scenic valley.


A diverse collection of more than 900 objects dating from Viking times to the present. Open: Every Tuesday in July and August.


Krokane Croft. Tennant farm holding and traditional Norwegian Stabbur building from the 1600s, including a tennants cottage from 1700, restored barn and "cookhouse". The museum contains more than 2600 varied objects dating from the 1600s up to the second world war.


Open by arrangament


Traditional west coast farm with restored buildings and outhouses. The area has several marked tracks for walking trips. Between May and September it is possible to drive to Stråtveit.


Tall ships shipbuilding centre in the 1800s. Handicraft sales. Walking tracks and bathing area.


Old strand area. Art gallery and exhibition.


Traditional west coast farming hamlet, art exhibition and museum.


At Årvik, Vikebygd its a School Museum. Visits by arrangement with Lars A. Skartland.


A road church. Open: 09 - 27 July. Mon - Fri 13:00 - 16:00. Guided tours.


Milling museum at Garkroken, Innbjoa. Visits by arrangement with Ølen Tourist.


Erected 8. May 1995 in memory of the resistance at Eikås during the 2nd world war. Memorial guide and porcelain plaque on sale.


Sawmill with water-wheel from the end of the 1700s, operating until 1965 Fine walking country close by with plenty of opportunities for freshwater fishing. Overnighting and boat hire at Bjordalstunet farmstead close by.


War memorial with bunkers. Scenic viewpoint overlooking Etnafjord with good fishing and bathing areas.


General Store on Innbjoa quay. Pleasant atmosphere. Open daily except Sunday. Lounge with exhibition and sale of arts and crafts.


Vikedal old beach area. Bathing aree and guest harbour. Salmon river.


Bjørndalsnuten mountain is Vindafjord´s highest mountain, measuring 1017 meteres over sea level. It has a wide variety of marked tracks to suit all types of physical conditions and in addition to this, there are many spectacular views of the sea from the most of the mountain tops in Vindafjord.


Vindafjord is home to Vikedalselva river, one of the best salmon and trout rivers in the west of Norway. Down in the fjords, the array of fish is well in keeping with the traditions of this part of Norway.


Golfclubs in Rogaland.