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Midtre Gauldal

Midtre Gauldal in Norway Midtre Gauldal municipality coat of arms


1.861,0 km2

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Midtre Gauldal muncipality has approximately 6.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.861,0 km2. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Støren. Other villages in the municipality include Singsås, Soknedal, Enodden and Rognes. The municipality is bordered by Meldal and Rennebu to the west, Melhus and Selbu to the north, Holtålen to the east, and Os and Tynset to the south.

The lake Samsjøen is located in the northern part of the municipality. The Gauldalen valley follows the Gaula River through the municipality. The mountain Forollhogna lies on the southern border of the municipality inside Forollhogna National Park.


Gaula River is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway and flows into the Atlantic Ocean close Trondheim. Gaula is famous for its big size salmon, the biggest are a round 20 kilos. The annual catch from the Gaula river varies between 30-50 tons of salmon. The guests are fishing our beautiful, private Gaula Flyfishing beats situated middle Gaula, downstream from Støren and 30-40 km from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Gaula River is a part of the huge Trondheimfjord. The Gaula River is well known for its big salmon in addition to large quantities of medium size salmon and grilse – averaging around 8,000 salmon during the three months season (June to the end of August).