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387,1 km2

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Osen is situated on the coast at Fosen in central Norway. Osen muncipality has approximately 1.100 inhabitants and covers a area of 387,1 km2. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Steinsdalen. The Steinsdalselva river runs through the valley. Main industries are agriculture, fishing, sea farming. It is no exaggeration to say that the landscape around Osen is like a miniature Norway. Osen's unique coastal atmosphere is fascinating. It offers many activities related to coastal culture in exciting, picturesque surroundings. In Osen you will find, among other things at Nisneset a shore meadow with unique flora and at Buholmråsa, with its colony of kittiwakes and fantastic ocean scenery.

You can find peace and tranquility along with delightful fishing waters both coastal (at Steinsdalselva river) and freshwater. You can discover local culture and history when visiting the old Buholmråsa lighthouse or the old trading village at Vingsand where the play "Bjørnørspelet" was performed for the first time in the summer of 2001.


Fosenhalvøya it one counts as Fosen. Fosen is a landscape in Nord-Trøndelag and Sør Trøndelag and located on the north side of the Trondheimsfjorden. The term Fosen have historically included various municipalities. The district has a total area of 3,446 square kilometers and approximately 25,000 inhabitants, if it is based on the seven municipalities that constitute Fosen industrial region and participates in Fosen Regional Council. Brekstad is the only city on Fosen, located in Ørland. Bjugn, Leksvik, Osen, Rissa, Roan, Ørland and Åfjord.

The region has an exciting variety of landscapes and villages. Farming, fishing and trade are the principal industries. Purely historically this area is also interesting. Fosen has some of the oldest traces of ancient settlement in Norway, from an age more than 11000 years back in the past. The region has played an important part in the development of the country. Its history is mainly the tale of resourceful, toiling people who slowly, but surely laid the foundations of the present days’ prosperity.

Fosen is a land of contrasts. From coastal landscapes with skerries, moors and quiet fjords you can reach beautiful mountains and valleys within a distance of a few kilometres. You will find cultural landscapes, forests, marshes, wild rivers, peaceful lakes and gushing streams. The weather, too, changes almost as quickly as the scenery.

The multitude of plant-, animal- and bird- species makes Fosen a fascinating area for people concerned with nature. Here you can find a wonderland for ornithologists. The country is also perfect for walking tours. A visit here makes you feel alive!


On the shore near the road to Vingsand. Rock carvings show whales and fishing nets. Burial cairn excavated in 1904. According to rock carvings we have several thousand years of experience at making people welcome - we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Vingsand. Complete farm with buildings from the l9th century.


A 36 metres high lighthouse at the entrance to Folla Sea. Built in 1918. Boat transportation to the light house is available. Experience a truly beautiful sea landscape in both storm and calm.


The Kya lighthouse is located on the small island of Kya in the ocean 15 kilometres northwest of Seter. The light on the 22.5 metre tall lighthouse can be see for 12.2 nautical miles. It is lit from July 25 until May 12 every year, but is not lit during the late spring and early summer due to the midnight sun. The Buholmråsa lighthouse is located nearby, closer to the mainland.


Halvikhallen Cave located in Halvika, is northern Europe´s largest cave. Large cave, 80 metres wide, 100 metres deep. In "Skeleton hula" in Vontfjellet moutain close to Drageid, they discover 2,000 year-old skeletons. The Halvikhallen Cave can be difficult to access and it is recommended to be with someone who is familiar with the area. Guided tour by boat from Vingsand.


The last weekend in June, "Osenhælja" at Furuly Stadium. You can see the play "Bjørnørspelet",it is performed many times in the month of June. There is also a fishing festival in July at Seter.


Deep sea fishing (Seter and Vingsand) is naturally an attractive sport here, but you may also acquire licences to fish in numerous fresh water lakes or in the Steinsdalselva river, which is noted for its excellent salmon fishing. Freshwater fishing in Sandvatna and Vassdølin, where you can catch trout up to 0,3kg. Salmon fishing in Steinsdalselva has about 17km of the best stretch of salmonwaters. Easily accessible. Fishing for the disabled by Nordmenlansfossen. Licences for fishing and shooting sold at the service station.


Golfclubs in Sør Trøndelag.