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Hyllestad in Norway Hyllestad municipality coat of arms


259,1 km2

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Hyllestad municipality has approximately 1.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 259,1 km2. The administrative center of Hyllestad is the village of Hyllestad. The majestic and bewitching Lihesten is one of the most prominent mountains on the coast.


The production of millstones started over 1,000 years ago, and used to be a major industry employing up to 1000 people. Millstones were exported to danish and baltic areas and the western islands. Many of the crosses to be seen along the coast are made of mill stone from Hyllestad, including the crosses in Eivindvik and Korssund. The park offers nature trails that visualise the ancient of the history of the industry, with debris og broken product as well as half-carved stones still not separated from the rock surface. Your stay at the stonemason camp includes a guided tour of the historical stone quarry in the mill stone park (Kvernsteinspark) and a visit to Åfjordstein where you can see how mill stones are used in a modern, new design.


The majestic and bewitching Lihesten is one of the most prominent mountains on the coast. There are several marked routes to the peak, over 714 metres above sea level, with views both straight out to the open sea and inwards over the fjords. Lihesten also has a number of good fishing lakes.


Many a competent cyclist has described the well-preserved section of the Trondheim postal road between Hyllestad and Fjaler as one of the most exhilarating cycling experiences in the country. There were originally 19 stone bridges on the route between Dale and Leirvik, and many of them are still standing as proud and impressive examples of early dry masonry. There are only a few places along the 40 km stretch between Dale in Fjaler and Leirvik in Hyllestad where the surface is so uneven that it is best to push a bike rather than ride it. Occasionally it is necessary to join the asphalted RV 57 road, but most of the route is free from cars and idyllic.


On the postroad, by Skor, lies a beautiful cluster of five authentic, newly renovated grist mills.


Sognefjorden is the largest and most well known fjord in Norway and the third longest in the world (behind the Scoresby Sund and Greely Fiord). Because the other two fjords are often ice-covered, the Sognefjorden is the longest open (ice-free) fjord in the world. Located in Sogn & Fjordane, it stretches 205 kilometres inland from the ocean to the small village of Skjolden, width 4.5 kilometres and depth 1,308 metres. The fjord takes its name from the traditional district of Sogn, which covers the southern part of the county.


The multitude of peaceful and idyllic islands in Outer Sognefjord and Dalsfjord are ideal for cycling, with lightly undulating terrain and very few cars. The express boat, ferries and local scheduled boat services link the groups of islands together, from Mjømna in Gulen to Nåra and Krakhella in Solund, and Værlandet and Bulandet in Askvoll. A good idea is to combine a bicycle trip with beautiful walks in places such as Nordsjøløypa in Solund, Lihesten in Hyllestad or Alden in Askvoll. Stiftinga Jensbua will help you plan a more detailed route!


For an individual hunter or a hunting team, deer hunting can provide both a challenge and a close-to-nature experience. There are several licensed hunting areas for various types of hunt (still, stalking etc.). If you want to, you can join in the preparation of the meat or engage in other activities such as fishing, diving, bird hunting, mountain treks or the hunt for a perfect photograph.


The coastline offers exellent facilities for sports diving all year round. Clear water and a multi-tude of wrecks. Compressor at several locations. Sørbøvåg divingcentre, sale of and service to diving equipment.


Outer Sognefjord og Dalsfjord with it´s thousands of islands and long fjords is a paradise for sea fishers. Sheltered fjords, islands, islets and the open sea are within reach in any direction. People as well as fish thrive here with the fresh air and the clear sea. Your hosts will be happy to give you tips about good fishing spots. All accommodation have their own boat with outboard. Deep-sea and coastal fishingtrips on larger boat with skipper are arranged. fishing is at it´s best in the spring and autumn, but there is an abundance of fish all year round.

Fishing has been the major industry for the greatest parts of Outer Sognefjord and Dalsfjord for generations. Most types of fish like pollack, cod, mackrel, herring, bream, halibut, lump-fish, eel and many moore, can be caught lokally. Crabs are also in abundance. Your best change to catch a real "whopper" is out in the open sea, but if it´s windy, you will still be able to fish safely between the many islands or in the fjords. No matter what you are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime. this magnificent nature and close encounter to the elements, will please both mind and soul.

Lakes and rivers throughout the area provide good chances of catching trout. In the salmon rivers you can catch larger fish as well. We therefore recommend that you ask your host, tourist office or local landowner before you go fishing. Angling is restricted in certain lakes and rivers. Fishing also requies payment of the national fishing fee. Forms available at the post offices. Lihesten also has a number of good fishing lakes.


Golfclubs in Sogn & Fjordane.