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Leikanger in Norway Leikanger municipality coat of arms


180,0 km2

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Leikanger is the urban centre north of Stadlandet. Leikanger Church, originally from Selja, was moved first in 1654 and again in 1866. At Storeneset, on the road to Eltvik, are the remains of World War II fortifications. You can drive all the way up to Vestkapp, which lies at the top of a more than 500 metre high, steep mountain plateau. Fantastic views. Leikanger is beside a typical fruit- and berrygrowing area, host of the administration of the Conty. Leikanger has more than 80.00 fruit trees, and approximately 2.250 inhabitants and a area of 180,0 km2. The average temperature in Leikanger is 13,2 degrees Centigrade, and this mild climate means that even peaches, apricos and walnut trees grow quite well.


The blossom season takes place in May, and is animpressive sight. The national Research Station at Njøs is the northermost research station for fruit in Northern Europe. They are doing research work on berries, fruit and vegetables.


Leikanger Church is from the Early Middle Ages. In the garden of the vicar´s house there is an especially rich vegetation. There are 10 very rare trees. Here you will see Ginko Biloba (the temple tree) also called a living fossil becouse it is the only species left from the tertiary period. The Seqwaidendron Giganteum is also found here even if it normaly grows in California. Peaches, walnut and apricots are grown here, and the gigantic Skrivareiki, an oak tree, is 25 metres high and 5 metres in circumference.


Between Leikanger and Hella the Kvinna waterfall splashes water over the road and provides a beautiful rainbow in the summer.


Leikanger features one of the tallest Viking Age stone monuments known. Nearly 8 metres tall, it stands in a fruit orchard. The saga of Fritjov the Bold is linked to this stone. Archologists has currently examened the site.


The Leikanger stone church dates from the first half of the 13. century. Located in the middle of the parrish, close to the Vicarage garden. Thi is the only Middle Age church left in Leikanger, the other three, two stave churches and another stone church, are all gone.


This festival celebrates the making of the traditional cheese Gamalost in Norway. Cooking-competitions, entertainment, and markets. Kjeringi Open An annual Quadrathlon including skiing and cycling is arranged in Leikanger at the end of April.


There is great variation here between fjord fishing, fishing in among the islands and skerries and deep-sea fishing. You can catch most kinds of fish in this area. The currents and the nutritional content of the seawater make for unusually rich fishing. The most common species of fish are cod, haddock, saithe, pollack and mackerel. A certain amount of deepwater fish such as tusk and ling are also caught in the area. You can take a trip on a fishing boat with a local expert, take a boat out yourself or take your fishing rod out to a headland or some rocks.


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