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685,4 km2

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Hitra is the biggest island south of Lofoten, and lies off the coast of Sør Trøndelag. The total size of the municipality Hitra is 685,4 km2 and approximately 4.700 inhabitans. The main municipal center area Fillan. The main industry is based on fish farming, hunting and north european biggest deerbreed. Hitra has developed into one of Norway´s foremost aquacultural municipalities with all its fish farming and related businesses. State-owned electricity producer, Statkraft, has been granted a licence to build windmills on the Stadlandet.

On Hitra we have established Lerøy Central is Lerøy its largest plant for processing salmon. Here is filleted and packaged salmon later distributed to Norwegian shops and for export. The factory has access to the best ingredients, straight from the sea.

Other villages include Andersskogan, Ansnes, Forsnes, Hestvika, Knarrlagsund, Kvenvær, Melandsjøen, Nordbotn, Sandstad, and Ulvan. Hitra is famous in Norway for its large and dense population of Red Deer. The 345 metre tall Mørkdalstuva is the highest point on the island.

Beside Hitra, there are many other islands in the municipality, notably Fjellværsøya, Ulvøya, Dolmøya, Helgbustadøya and Bispøyan. The Børøyholmen lighthouse and Terningen lighthouse are located in the Trondheimsleia in the southeast part of Hitra. A boatservice (westamaran) runs from Trondheim and Kristiansund. The undersea tunnel Hitra Tunnel connects Hitra to the mainland to the south and the Frøya Tunnel connects Hitra to Frøya to the north.


Fillan is located on the northeastern shore of Hitra island, about 5 kilometres south of Ansnes. Fillan included the northeastern part of the island of Hitra surrounding the Fillfjorden, plus about 100 islands, islets, and skerries—the largest of which is Fjellværsøya. For the first part of its existence, Fillan also included the Sandstad area along the southern part of Hitra. Villages in the municipality included Ansnes, Fillan, Nordbotn, and Ulvan.

The Fillan church is located in the village of Fillan and the Nordbotn chapel is located on the island of Fjellværsøya.


Hitra´s outer coast directly opposite Frøya offers the sea angler perfect fishing conditions. This is particularly true in regard to the Frøyfjorden, the tidal sound between the two islands. In the municipalities of Melandsjø and Kjerringvåg you´ll find petrol stations, restaurants and general stores. The "Hopsjøbrygga", a restored market dating from the 17th century, is well worth a visit. There´s a whale exhibition and a restaurant with a music-club.


The district of Ansnes in the northeast of Hitra is perhaps the best known region amongst sea anglers. Many of our customers have landed their personal catch-of-a-lifetime here. All the houses and apartments are near the open sea and the very best fishing grounds. The nearest small town with bank, post office, and doctor is 7 km away in Fillan.


Fjellværøy / Ulvøy anglers appreciate the excellent fishing at this otherwise tranquil location. Large shoals of fish including many big coalfish populate the drop-offs on the north east of the island. Big coalfish draw many anglers to this wonderful Island year after year. Fjellværøy has a petrol station, a general store, post office and a restaurant. The bridge has been toll free since 2003.


The fishing village of Kvenvær is nestled amongst a beautiful seascape of skerries. The peaceful surroundings and the short distance to the open sea make the area a favourite choice for anglers and their families. The extensive skerries offer shelter in rough weather. Kvenvær boasts a general store, a post office, a petrol station and a restaurant.


Since Hitra is an island there is built a tunnel connecting Hitra with the mainland. The Hitra Tunnel is an undersea tunnel connecting Hitra to the mainland Snillfjord. The tunnel is 5,645 metres long and reaches a depth of 264 metres below sea level, making it the deepest tunnel in the world when it was built. The tunnel begins in Hitra on the island of Jøsnøya, just south of Sandstad. The tunnel then runs under the Trondheimsleia to the island of Hemnskjela in Snillfjord. There is a small bridge connecting Hemnskjela to the mainland.


Norway's water and energy authority (NVE) will build a massive wind power plants on Hitra.


The trading post Ansnes on Hitra has been in existence since the eighteenth century and became all the more important in the 1930s when a steamship company set up offices there. Landing and selling crabs was tried as far hack as in the fifties and from the sixties on, fish products were processed. As of the 1990s the edible crab became the principal raw material for various refined products. Hitra Fishery Harbour plays a crucial role in the development of fisheries and stimulates added value to trade and industry.


Marine Harvest is the world’s leading seafood company. We offer our customers and consumers a wide range of seafood products and produce one third of the world’s farmed salmon and trout. Marine Harvest Norway has farming and processing activities along the Norwegian coast. The Business Unit’s head office is located to Bergen. The production sites are grouped into four main regions; Region North, Region Mid, Region West and Region South.


The company Hitra Mat & Delicatesse delivers first class seafood from its new production plant which is localized in the new fisheries harbour at Ansnes. They have a product range consists of crab meat products, freshly packaged white fish and scallops. The company also plans to introduce new products including other types of shellfish and snails.


Oxygene Dive Hitra`s highly qualified employees will assist you with guided diving trips from their fast RIB and necessary equipment and facilities connected to diving. Plenty of fish and shellfish, exciting underwater environment with forests of seaweed, hills, deep cracks and massive sand plains. Cannons from battleships and plane wreckages from the days of war. Clean water and good visibility (20-40 metres).


Hitra it's one of the last islands before you reach the open Atlantic Ocean. Three islands Hitra, Frøya and Sula offers you a great fishing adventure. Suggested places in the area arround the reefs, Sørklakken, Meklakken and Nordklakken. Theese places you can reach even with a small boat. Tirevet is also a place wich I can recomend, but it's a little more far out so if you are thinkig of that spot you should beware of the weather.

At flowing sea you can drift through the Frøjfjord which is the passage between the islands Dolmøya and Frøya and catch good fish at many places. If the drift starts at Hallarrevet you passes Edøyrevet, Grønholmstaren, Hakflua, the lighthouse Flesa and at the end you reaches Ramsøybåen. If you chose to follow the passage east from the marina there is the area between Vågflua and Skjelholmen where you can catch Ling and Brosme of great sizes. The richness of spieces are good because the Fro sea otside the islands is protected from commersal fishing and its used for research of the spieces and their reproduction.

Dolmsundet Camping and Marina is located in the narrow passage between the islands Hitra and Dolmøya and it has all the facillities you can think of. You can choose between a simple tent and all the way to a luxury hotel. If you have your own boat, there is a ramp where you can put your boat into the water. If you haven't got a boat, you can rent both boat and aquipment at the tackle store on the marina. If you feel unsecure you can hire a local fishing guide who will take you out on the fishing adventure you are there for.


Hitra Golfclub is a golf course with 6 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies approximately 5 km after the tunnel to Forsnes.