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Oppdal in Norway Oppdal municipality coat of arms


2.274,4 km2

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Oppdal muncipality has approximately 7.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 2.274,4 km2. For those looking for one of the best kept secrets, full of excitement, beauty, and natural wonders, there is no place as Oppdal. Mountain lovers from all over the world visits Oppdal, to experience Europe´s last wild frontiers, Dovrefjell National Park and Trollheimen. A wellspring of unique flora, fauna and mineral treasures. For others, Oppdal is a place of adventure, where you can push your limits through organized activities, including walking in steep walled river canyons, musk ox safaris or tandem hang glider flights. There are cabins, chalets, apartments, hotels, motels and camping in all price ranges.

Afterski, pubs, restaurants and a large number of shops are ideally placed in the nearby village. Only 5 minutes from Oppdal you can access 100 km of cross-country tracks, and curling, ice-climbing, horse-drawn sleigh rides and dog-sledding are populat activities here. Oppdal is one of the best ski areas in Skandinavia. Great pists and an even better off pist. Skiers, hunters, fishermen, and all who love the wonders of the great outdoors, enjoy the treasures which await you in the Dovrefjell and Trollheimen mountain region. The area is rich in its unique blend of flower, fauna and mineral resources.


Internationally recognized, Dovrefjell National Park, Knutshø and Drivdalen are areas where vast and abundant species thrive. Rare specimens such as the Norwegian wormwood, pasqueflower and the beautiful yellow mountain poppy are to be found. Having survived the last ice age, these plants are national treasures commonly found in Oppdal. Within the wide landscapes of Dovrefjell is the home of the last wild reindeer herd in Europe.

It is quite common to see small herds near the road and railway, but the king of Dovrefjell is the musk ox. Archeological discoveries of musk ox bones indicate that these animals lived here in prehistoric times. In 1932, 10 musk ox were re-introduced from Greenland, and today the herd number approximately 65 animals.


Oppdal is a good place for collecting minerals. We have registered 115 different minerals. Rare specimens such as Titanite, Teineite, Uvarovite and Jimthompsonite have been found here. In 1991 there was also found a new mineral... The mineral rich environment of Oppdal can be seen in a nutshell at Driva Kro og Steinsenter situated close to E6, 8 km south from Oppdal.


Oppdal is home of the largest and most famous Norwegian cemetery from heathen times. With 750 registered burial mounds.


Located in Oppdal´s center, the village museum is comprised of 25 buildings, some from 1600 - 1700.


Founded in 1651, Oppdal´s church is beautifully constructed in an architectural style of cross formed timber.


The winter season beckons you to Norway´s largest alpine complex with its 16 ski lifts/cable cars, snowboarding, and 82 kilometers of prepared ski trails. Facilities include swimming pools, sports hall, snowmobiling, sleigh rides and a 400 meters ice rink. The summer season provides an even greater variety of activities and adventures: rafting, horseback riding, a 9-hole golfcourse, musk ox safaris, an equestrian center, mountain hikes and much more.


The Spring Path "Vårstigen" is mentioned as long ago as 1182, gives us a strong impression of the difficulties our ancestors faced as they traveled along the most dramatic part of the Old Kings Road. Information boards along the path.


Oppdal is a snow-secure ski resort in Central-Norway, with 17 ski lifts and 30 runs spread out on 4 mountains. The majority of the runs are sunny and above the timber line. Oppdal has a good snowpark, and 2 designated areas for children. Oppdal always has good snow conditions and is an ideal ski resort for families. Ådalen and Vangslia are the places to be. Skiing in four separate ski areas, 11 km floodlit. Oppdal ski centre (national facilities for Telemark skiing) and Vassfjellet ski centre.


Oppdal is an Eldorado for fisherman and hunters! With the proper permits, you can fish and hunt in magnificent surroundings. Fishing trips in the Trollheimen and Dovre Mountains, and much more. Special brochures with more information are available for the sportsman.


Oppdal Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies around the river Ålma, approximately 6 km from Oppdal Center.