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Rissa in Norway Rissa municipality coat of arms


621,5 km2

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Rissa municipality offers an abundance of possibilities for a relaxing family holiday in quiet, rural surroundings. Proximity to both fjords and mountains gives ample opportunity for sports fishing. Rissa, too, has an interesting cultural heritage.

Here you will find Rein Church, Rein Cloister, ruins of a 13th century monastery, a unique wharf area in Råkvåg, a dairy museum and the coastal museum, Staværingen, which tells the history of Trøndelag's fishermen. Åfjord boats, a local type of boat, are built in the museum's boat yard. Rissa muncipality has approximately 7.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 621,5 km2. Main industries are Agriculture and industries.


Fosenhalvøya it one counts as Fosen. Fosen is a landscape in Nord-Trøndelag and Sør Trøndelag and located on the north side of the Trondheimsfjorden. The term Fosen have historically included various municipalities. The district has a total area of 3,446 square kilometers and approximately 25,000 inhabitants, if it is based on the seven municipalities that constitute Fosen industrial region and participates in Fosen Regional Council. Brekstad is the only city on Fosen, located in Ørland. Bjugn, Leksvik, Osen, Rissa, Roan, Ørland and Åfjord.

The region has an exciting variety of landscapes and villages. Farming, fishing and trade are the principal industries. Purely historically this area is also interesting. Fosen has some of the oldest traces of ancient settlement in Norway, from an age more than 11000 years back in the past. The region has played an important part in the development of the country. Its history is mainly the tale of resourceful, toiling people who slowly, but surely laid the foundations of the present days’ prosperity.

Fosen is a land of contrasts. From coastal landscapes with skerries, moors and quiet fjords you can reach beautiful mountains and valleys within a distance of a few kilometres. You will find cultural landscapes, forests, marshes, wild rivers, peaceful lakes and gushing streams. The weather, too, changes almost as quickly as the scenery.

The multitude of plant-, animal- and bird- species makes Fosen a fascinating area for people concerned with nature. Here you can find a wonderland for ornithologists. The country is also perfect for walking tours. The coast line in Stjørnfjorden is the "pearl of Fosen" a beautiful area with fine fishing places. A visit here makes you feel alive!


At Kvithyll a interesting area with ruins of a 13th century monastery and a nature park with footpaths. Here you will also find Rissa Village Museum with Borgstua, Dairy Museum and Bojer Museum. Rein Church (BojerKirka) was rebuilt in 1932.


Town hall library, Rissa center. Exhibition of items from author Johan Bojer´s "poet´s cottage".


Old wharf buildings in Råkvåg. A unique cultural recollection with large seahouses from the herring fishing days. The old herring buildings now give way to exhibitions, museums, restaurants and accommodation. A popular place for visitors during the summer months. Facilities for visiting boats. A big attraction is "Råkvåg anno 1930".


Leinslia Nature Reserve. A beautiful district with a rich flora. Foot paths.


In Strømmen you can, amongst other things, observe Mussel harvesting whilst at Olsøyheia you can wander in the high mountain ranges with cascading rivers, tranquil lakes and lush mountain meadows.


Rock carvings at Stykket, 3 km. west of Rørvik ferry wharf. Impressive 5500 year old carvings depicting moose. Accessible by car.


Coastal heritage museum. Kystens Arv in Stadsbygd is one of the countries largest coastal museums. Along side the exhibitions you can observe wooden boat building with craftsmanship of the highest standard. Also Art exhibitions in the Rectory out buildings, grounds with footpaths through the Rose-gardens together with Råseglbåter (open square sail boats) and rowing boat trips on the river. Excellent place for children. Large amphitheatre with the Bojers «Den Siste Viking» (the last viking) performed in June. Homemade food in Vertshuset Tinnarosen.


Grønningsbukta Nature Reserve is rich with birdlife.


Salmon fishing in both Skauga in Rissa and Nordelva in Stjørna are excellent salmon rivers. Sea fishing area by Pevika in Stjørnfjorden. Fishing for the disabled. River fishing in Skauga by Foss bridge and Kystens Arv.