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Roan in Norway Roan municipality coat of arms


376,7 km2

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Roan muncipality has approximately 1.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 376,7 km2. Main industries are Agriculture, fishing and sea farming. Roan is a coastal municipality with an exciting landscape and cultural heritage. In several small villages you can enjoy the simple hospitality that is characteristic of this area. You can relax and enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities or just explore the countryside. Your visit to Roan will not be complete without a visit to the historical village at Utro and to Roan Church, known as Fosen's Cathedral. The annual fishing festival in Bessaker is a must for visitors.


Fosenhalvøya it one counts as Fosen. Fosen is a landscape in Nord-Trøndelag and Sør Trøndelag and located on the north side of the Trondheimsfjorden. The term Fosen have historically included various municipalities. The district has a total area of 3,446 square kilometers and approximately 25,000 inhabitants, if it is based on the seven municipalities that constitute Fosen industrial region and participates in Fosen Regional Council. Brekstad is the only city on Fosen, located in Ørland. Bjugn, Leksvik, Osen, Rissa, Roan, Ørland and Åfjord.

The region has an exciting variety of landscapes and villages. Farming, fishing and trade are the principal industries. Purely historically this area is also interesting. Fosen has some of the oldest traces of ancient settlement in Norway, from an age more than 11000 years back in the past. The region has played an important part in the development of the country. Its history is mainly the tale of resourceful, toiling people who slowly, but surely laid the foundations of the present days’ prosperity.

Fosen is a land of contrasts. From coastal landscapes with skerries, moors and quiet fjords you can reach beautiful mountains and valleys within a distance of a few kilometres. You will find cultural landscapes, forests, marshes, wild rivers, peaceful lakes and gushing streams. The weather, too, changes almost as quickly as the scenery.

The multitude of plant-, animal- and bird- species makes Fosen a fascinating area for people concerned with nature. Here you can find a wonderland for ornithologists. The country is also perfect for walking tours. A visit here makes you feel alive!


Historical village at Utro. Old fishing settlement. Typical buildings for small settlements in the area during the l9th century.


Fjell Mountain Farms is a settlement dating back to 1559. Annual traditional Mountain Farm Day first Sunday in August.


Fosen's Cathedral, Stone church from 1702.


Off Eian in Roan. Described by Italian Franscesca Negri in 1664. Can be up to 20 metres high on days with wind from the northwest.

TROLL KETTLES (Jettegryter)

Round holes in the mountainside which, according to folklore, were made by trolls' kettles. Near Rv. 715 east of Reppkleiv, Hopstad. Northern Europe's largest.


At the Islands Almenningen off the coast of Roan. Ruins of a Viking settlement, well preserved coastal dwellings and marble quarry. Guided tour by boat.


Sea fishing in Bessaker. Freshwater fishing in north Fosen you can find many fine fishing areas particularly in the Osen, Roan and Åfjord regions. Salmon fishing in Hopstad river has a short stretch up to Teistfalls and is easily accessible. The annual fishing festival in Bessaker is a must for visitors.