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Nissedal in Norway Nissedal municipality coat of arms


905,2 km2

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Nissedal muncipality has approximately 1.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 905,2 km2. The people live primarily on the east side where the land is somewhat flatter. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Treungen. Nissedal is mostly located on the less rugged eastern shore of Nisser Lake. The Nisser lake at 37 kilometres long is the largest in Telemark and the seventh largest in Norway. There is a small chain ferry, the "M/F NISSEN" which crosses over from Sundesodden to Fjone on the west shore, where there are fine, shallow beaches with good swimming and sunbathing, ideal for families with children. Perch, Trout, Lavaret and Arctic char are some of the fish species found in the lake. Due to its many campgrounds and places for outdoor activities, Nissedal has been nicknamed the Telemark Riviera.

Besides the lake, another attraction in Nissedal is the Nissedal Potholes (Jettegryene). Carved during the Ice Age, the giant´s kettle functions as a water park during summer months. Other attractions include mountains such as Hægefjell, Ånundsbufjellet, Langfjell, Skålfjell and Baremslandsfjellet.

At Trontvedt and Kvithamar on the west shore there are some interesting rock paintings with hunting scenes, probably dating from the middle part of the Bronze Age, about 1,000 years BC. Rv 41 follows the Nisser´s east bank and gives out over some lovely scenery with monomental rock-formations. Several camping sites, with and without cabins, can be found along the beaches of the Nisser, where there are plenty of fish for the taking by those who know how.


Treungen is the administrative centre, located just east of the village Tveitsund. The district centre lies to the south and has a post office, bank, doctor, shops and tourist office in the summer. Treungen is split into two by lake Nisser and in the middle of the village is Tveitsund bridge, a fine stone bridge adorned with concrete columns.


Near Søftestad, a couple of kilometres south of Kyrkjebygda, on the Rv. 41, the Telemark road (Telemarksvegen), lies the Sølvsmia and the Nisseloftet. Original silver designs, pewter, wooden products and local handicrafts for sale in the delightful Sølvsmia. Demonstrations of hundred-year old silversmith traditions in separate workshop, by arrangement.


Also in the restored 18th century peasant's cottage at Sølvsmia, is the Nisseloftet with its own post office. You can send your Christmas mail from the Christmas Elf, all cards and letters are franked with their own special stamp. The post office is connected to the exciting Nisseloftet which has a shop selling thousands of Christmas gifts, even in the summer. In Astrid Søftestads smithy and shop you can see demonstrated how the bunad silver is made.


Sales outlet for NORSK STEINPRODUKT AS, the largest producer of stone goods in Norway. Guided tours of the production area every weekday in July, including an interesting lecture on stone polishing and stone products. Groups by arrangement all year.


This is the southernmost, elk trap site (animal pits) we know about in Norway, and the surrounding old burial mounds are well worth a visit. You can swim in huge potholes, or go for walks on marked pathways in the area.


The huge mounds at Fjone are 9 large Iron Age burial mounds. Several of the mounds have been plundered. Interesting pits on the west side of each mound suggest burial rituals and ancestor worship.


Nisseheimen is the home of the Norwegian "Nisse", a cousin of Santa Claus. Situated in beautiful sourroundings on an old farm with activities for the whole family. Traditional food and souvenirs.


The workshop is open to visitors all summer.


Stalls, entertainment, dog show and lots of fun.


Surrounded by magnificent scenery on the way to mountain peaks with fantastic views, you can see burial mounds and animal pits, old churchyards, cotter's farms and a discontinued railway line. Varying lengths, from 2 - 20 kilometres. Separate brochures in Norwegian, English and German.


Mountain climbing conditions are especially good at Nissedal. Up to now, more than 500 climbing routes have been registered. In the summer, mountain climbing courses and guides are available. Nissedal climbing centre has an indoor climbing wall for children and adults.


M/F NISSEN is one of the last and smallest cable ferries in the country. Its route leaves from half-way down the Nisser, at Fjonesundet. A great experience on a little craft.


Nissedal is a paradise for those who like swimming. The long, sandy beaches along the Nisser have also quite rightly been called the Telemark Riviera. At Haugsjå you can swim in huge potholes. Maybe crystal-clear water and plenty of space tempts you too. Separate brochures in Norwegian, English and German.


Camping sites etc. rent out boats / canoes on the Nisser, Tjørull and the Nidelva (River Nid).


The old veteran boat MS Fram runs on the Nisser in the summer. It takes 90 passengers and has a restaurant and its own postmark. A mini cruise goes from Treungen every Wednesday.


There are 1,750 lakes in Nissedal. Nisser is the largest of the lakes within the municipalities and, at the last count in 1991, there were 3.9 million fish in the lake. You can, of course, also find your own "secret" fishing lake - many of them even offer excellent opportunities for ice fishing. Please show respect for any "fishing forbidden" notices. You will find whitefish, perch, char and trout, and permits may be purchased from the Tourist Intormation Centre and from local petrol stations.


Golfclubs in Telemark.