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Seljord in Norway Seljord municipality coat of arms


715,2 km2

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Seljord is one of the most beautiful districts in Telemark. See it on a glittering spring day, with snow on Skorve and Lifjell and newly-sprung birches on the hills below, and Lake Seljord (Seljordsvatnet) reflecting the landscape, it's quite a sight! The monster (or "the Animal" as it´s also known) lives in Seljordsvatnet. Many trustworthy people claim to have seen it on very warm, sunny days. Who knows what lives in the water?

The centre of Seljord, called "Brøløs" is where the regional administration, shops and service activities are located. Seljord muncipality has approximately 3.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 715,2 km2. We have lovely beaches, hillsides, high mountains, plains and lakes where the trout jump. You can take fantastic scenic trips in both summer and winter.

Seljord is known all over Norway as a cultural district. First-rate artists and writers either come here to visit, or live here, carrying on the traditions of Jørund Telnes, M. B. Landstad and Olav Glosimot. Country art, handicrafts and folk music are popular at the annual Summer Exhibition of the Seljord Artists Society. Seljord is also the host of the biggest Countryfestival in the Nordic Countrys.


The "Dyrsku´n" has been arranged every year in Seljord since 1866. It starts on the second Friday in September, and is Norway´s biggest traditional cattle show and market. Almost 70,000 visitors are here in one weekend. There are knife and watch stalls, tell stories, horses, machinery, bric&brac, fiddle playing and cattle lowing among the crowds of people.


As a result of the increasing interest in the sea serpent, Selma, both at home and abroad, the municipality opened its own sea serpent centre during the summer of 1993. Documentation and observations relating to the serpent have been gathered here, and products from Seljord are on sale.


This is a rock weighing 540 kg which was said to have been lifted by Sterke (strong) Nils (Nils Olavson Langedal), the giant from Seljord who was raised on mare's milk. Sterke Nils cabin is on the hill by the church.


The view across Flatdal, one of the most spectacular sights in Telemark, was once admired by King Oscar Il from Kongehella. Visit the popular Nutheim guesthouse with its traditional Telemark decor and excellent collection of paintings. The old rectory from Hjartdal has been relocated here.


The museum lies on the main road just south of Beverøya campsite and is a new attraction this year. The outhouse on the farm contains units in which sperm from Telemark oxen can be removed and inseminated, a photographic exhibition of telemark cattle. A breeding research centre and an agricultural museum.


Contact Telnessanden Camping for hire of equipment.


Seljord has a varied countryside with fine sandy beaches, bewitching canyons and high mountain peaks - Skorve with Spådomsnuten peak, Mælefjell mountain and Lifjell mountain, to name but a few. Between these mountains lies Grunningsdalen valley, the home of the legend of Guro Heddelid.

Balloonists from Paris landed on Lifjell mountain on 25th November 1870. A monument marks the spot where they landed. Brattefjell mountain lies right at the end of Åmotsdal valley. It is the second highest mountain in Telemark. Seljord has a number of good walks and plenty to see and do in both summer and winter.


The Seljord hunting and fishing association has rented a large area on Lifjell where you can angle quite reasonably. You can try your luck in 15 lakes. If you take the marked path from Grimås to Hollane, you will pass several lakes where the big fish jump. Fishing permits can be bought from the Tourist Information Office, sports shops, camping sites and at Grimås.


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