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Vinje in Norway Vinje municipality coat of arms


3.105,9 km2

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Vinje municipality covers the north-western corner of Telemark with its area of 3.105,9 km2, in which less then 3,700 people live. The administrative center of the municipality is the village of Åmot, in Ytre Vinje, while Krossen in Rauland and Edland in the western part of the district are also important centres. Vinje is situated on both the Hardangervidda plateau and parts of the Setesdalsheiene mountain plateaus. European route E134 passes through Vinje, which is located halfway between Oslo and Haugesund.

Tourism is well developed in the Rauland, on Hauklifjell mountain and in Åmot. The locally renowned mountain ski resort Haukelifjell is also found nearby. The isolated and sparsely populated area is known for its rugged, mountainous terrain that supports a wide variety of outdoor activities, amongst them hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, and canoeing. Arabygdi lies on Lake Totak in the western part of Rauland. Its famous attraction is the "Urdbøuri", the largest stone scree in Northern Europe, with huge boulders scattered on the floor of the valley.


Rauland is part of the traditional region of Vest-Telemark. Rauland as a winter destination, snow-covered terrain is your idea of paradise, then grab your skis and find your bliss either it is in downhill trails, amazing terrain parks or 150 km of cross country ski trails, or maybe you choose to tobogganing in one of Norway’s largest Toboggan Center. We also offer dog sledding, snowmobile and 4-wheeler on a designated track, rafting in a rubber boat behind a snowmobile and many other fun winter activities. In Rauland you are close to the spectacular Hardangervidda, 700 - 1010 metres above sea level - and this mountain village provides opportunities for familys on a day trip or longer, with lots of activities nearby. 

From Rauland you have short distance to Skinnarbu, where you can join the mountain cruise on the lake of Møsvatn with "Fjellvåken", the interactive exhibit about reindeers at the Hardangervidda Nasjonalparksenter. About 20 min. east of Rauland you get toRjukan with it's unique heritage, history sites and museums, Vemork, attractions like cable cars, bungee jump etc. Rauland is known for hiking, recreation and skiing. Telemark University College has a campus in Rauland. Well-known snowboarding celebrity, Terje Håkonsen, started his career in Rauland.


The Dyre Vaa museum has a collection of the sculptures and paintings by the artist Dyre Vaa. Changing exhibitions illuminate his artistic development and his place in Norwegian art. One room is dedicated to Svallaug Svalastog's woodcuts. The collection also includes Tor Vaa's gift of sculptures, paintings and drawings. The Knut Skinnarland collection of sculptures. The collection is housed in the Rauland art museum and forms a permanent exhibition of Knut Skinnarland's works which cover more than 100 catalogue entries. Reproduction of Skinnarland's studio at Rauland. Changing exhibitions of other artists' works, as well as an arts and crafts sales outlet. Cafe.


Permanent exhibition by Harald Kihle and Henrik Sørensen.


Øyfjell Bygdemuseum is based on a collection by the shop owner T.O.Trovatn, and is primarily a wide range of folk art and working equipment which is well presented in a fireproof museum building.


Vinjesvingen The Mjonøy site comprises a collection of 13 old log houses gathered primarily from different estates in Vinje. The site now serves as a handicrafts and cultural centre with workshops, permanent exhibition and shop, gallery and various large and small exhibitions, courses, concerts, cabin hire, refreshments and tourist information.


The master fiddler «Myllarguten» (miller boy) spent his last years here, and a monument of him has been raised on this spot.


Vinjestoga is the childhood home of the well known poet Åsmund Olavsson Vinje.


Here both experienced / inexperienced riders can be taught by an authorised instructor. 24 horses / ponies, indoor arena, outdoor paddock and not least the mountains are at your disposal.


There is a good network of summer trails in Åmot / Vinje, Haukeli and Rauland, ideal for hikes here across moors, in forests and in the mountains. The alpine pasture farm at Haukeli Fjellstoge, is a fine place to start on a nature trail in the Haukelifjell mountains. Maps of the area are available at tourist information offices, places of accommodation and in petrol stations.


You can hire areas for hunting small game many places in the municipality. Permits for hunting small game are sold for the areas of Haukeli, Vagslid and west Bernuten and are available at places of accommodation, the tourist information office and petrol station at Haukeli.


You can buy fishing permits in Åmot, Rauland and Haukeli; worth special mention is the fishing around Haukelifjell with 70 small and large mountain lakes around the Vågslid area and on Haukelifjell mountain. You can hire a row boat in both Åmot and Rauland, and you can also hire a canoe in Rauland.


Golfclubs in Telemark.