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  Vestfold map of county

Welcome to Vestfold County and the weather right now! Vestfold County is one out of 19 countys in Norway with a area of 2.216 km2 and a population of approximately 242,662.

Each County is divided into different municipality. For Vestfold County you will find the name of the municipality to your "right" (municipality for the whole country is 428) or read a short story given below.


Among the existing government incentives, all-electric cars are exempt in Norway from the annual road tax, all public parking fees, and toll payments as well as being able to use bus lanes.

In Vestfold the Charging stations is 27 and Charging points is 72 at the moment. Charging points can be found on street parking, at taxi stands, in parking lots, at places of employment, hotels, airports, shopping centers, convenience shops, fast food restaurants, coffeehouses etc., as well as in driveways and garages.


Some things in life just can´t be missed, a trip to Vestfold is one of them! Look forward to new and exciting holiday experiences in a picturesque and varying landscape. Along the coast you can experience the dramatic contrast of magnificent bare rock faces alongside beautiful beaches, and enjoy the enthusiastic boating life, which is typical of Norway. Inland you will be charmed by the timeless beauty of Norway´s rivers, lakes and deep forests. If you are interested in history, Vestfold has a rich selection of historical treasures from ancient and Viking times, enabling you to go back in time to the very heart of the Norwegian culture. Or, if you want to cycle, play golf, fish, swim, visit farmyards or charming coastal towns, experience art, culture or the outdoor life.

The Scandinavian summer and its long days are at their best in Vestfold. The beautiful coastline, scattered with magnificent beaches and majestic bare rock faces, tempts many to bathe. With water temperatures of around 20 degrees, it´s hard to resist! The fjord, with its mild summer breeze, crystal clear water and waves breaking gently in the glistening sun, invites you to heavenly fishing, sailing or motor-boating trips. In Vestfold you will find activities for all ages.

Vestfold is Norway´s sunny coast. You will find a guest harbour in every town. Family boat-life comes alive in the shelter of the skerries. If you want to play Golf Vestfold is an Eldorado for golfers of all levels. You can play golf on three 18 hole courses Vestfold Golf Club in Stokke, Borre Golf Club in Horten and Larvik Golf Club in Larvik. In the holiday paradise Tjøme you will find Tjøme Golf Club with a 9 hole course, and in Hof you can play on a 6 hole course at Hof Golf Club. Look forward to a fantastic golfing experience in Vestfold!

You can´t get any closer to nature than this. The number one national cycle path goes through beautiful coastal landscape stretching from Horten to Helgeroa, and joins "The experience path" in Lågendalen.

Not far from the dramatic beauty of fjords and bare rock faces, you can relax in the tranquil Norwegian countryside. You can take the whole family to visit a farmyard, even let the kids take a ride on a horse or stroke the sheep.

If you want to paddle, fish for salmon, go on an elk or beaver safari, see if the enchanting Norwegian wood-nymph "Huldra" really exists, or simply enjoy the summer and view from one of our many heights - you can do all of this and more, here in Vestfold!


The geological phenomena "Raet" (a moraine) ends its journey through Vestfold at Mølen. Here, magnificent burial grounds from ancient times send your thoughts far back in time. Among Norway´s stave churches, Vestfold boasts Høyjord stave church, from around the year 11OO.

In Vestfold you can track down the Vikings

Do you want to know more about Norwegian history? With the largest collection of royal graves in the north, at Borrehaugene, Vikings ships buried in Gokstadhaugen and Oseberghaugen, and with Norway´s best known market place from the Viking times "Kaupang" you can join in the Viking hunt in Vestfold!


Tønsberg, founded in the Viking-Ages, is Norway"s oldest town. The world renowned Oseberg ship which was found just north of Tønsberg centre bears proof of this. In the Middle Ages Tønsberg was one of the centres of power. In Tønsberg you can visit Castle Hill (Slottsfjellet). Scandinavias largest ruin park 63 metres above sea-level. Ruins from Castrum Tunsbergis, Tunsberghus, which was Norway´s largest castle in the 13th century. The castle was destroyed in 1503. The ruin consists of a 700 metres long outher-wall with watch towers and castles, the King´s hall, built by Håkon Håkonsen, the Keep built by King Magnus Lagabøte, and St. Michael´s Church, dated 1191.

The rock itself consists of rombeporfyr on limestone and also of some local stone, Tønsbergitt. Canal Bridge is the only bridge connection with Nøtterøy and further to Tjøme. Folding bridge since 1957. King Håkon Håkonsson was one of those who dug out the canal, so that larger ships could pass through.


First came the navy, and the town was founded. You will undoubtedly enjoy the streets of Horten. The main street, Storgaten, is the longest shopping street in Norway. Illuminated with old-fashioned style street lamps and landscaped with small and large trees, the street invites visitors to stroll its length, enjoying the sights and sounds of this friendly town.

The street contains a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, and the many sidewalk cafes accentuate its easygoing seaside resort town ambiance. Here, and around Torget, the town square, you will find shops and fruit and vegetable sellers committed to serving their customers well. Our small shops are often run by families who give you the personal, friendly service you deserve. As you wander about our lovely town you will discover many beautiful details in houses and gardcns. You will see many well maintained and preserved houses with their original 19th century or even earlier architecture intact.


In picturesque Åsgårdstrand you will find the Åsgårdstrand women´s bathing club, which is committed to carrying on the long-held bathing traditions of this small coastal town. Åsgårdstrand is best known as the place where "The Girls on the Bridge", Edvard Munch and Hans Heyerdahl lived. Situated on the southern tip of Borre, this cozy town with its characteristic white clapboard houses contains much else besides, and is still a hospitable and sunny seaside resort with excellent hotels and summers filled with visitors from far and near.

For boaters, the town is a gem, and has an almost Mediterranean atmosphere when the sun is at its warmest. Åsgårdstrand is an idyllic town to wander about in and experience the famous light so appreciated by artists.


The coastel town with ferries to Denmark. Larviks Seafaring Museum and Thor Heyerdahl´s birthplace. The Ice Age gave the district its" "Ra" - where old and new scars (from the movement of the ice) are to be found, where the Beechwood (Bøkeskogen) and Farris Well have their source and where Mølen, with its" burial mounds from the Iron Age, forms the end of the moraine as it slopes into the sea. The "Ra" dams Farris lake, which is the source of drinking water for the greater part of Vestfold´s population.


A few minute´s drive south lies the the happy little summer town of Stavern, a pearl full of life and laughter the whole season. Stavern is an artistic town with a plethora of galleries and exhibitions. On Citadell island just off the coast, generations of artists have painted, sketched or sculpted the beautiful skerry landscape, whilst poets have waxed Iyrical, for there is enough of inspiration. The poet Herman Wildenvey was born at Portåsen. Herman Wildenvey spent many years of his life in Stavern, and to day seminars about this well loved poet, as well as poetry readings, are arranged. Southern atmosphere. In Stavern you find an honorary monument for Norwegian seafarers who gave their lives in the first and second world wars, Memory hall (Minnehallen).


Sandefjord perhaps best known as the whaling town. Sandefjord has many interesting buildings, places and sculptures. Although the town of Sandefjord is relatively young, excavations show that people have lived in this area for around 3.000 years. The beautiful coastline, with small, flowery islands, soft sandy beaches and sheltered coves, are perfect places to visit by boat. Footpaths and cycle tracks wind their way along our crooked coast with easy access to the sea. Further inland you can find untouched forests, shimmering lakes and salmonfishinig if you know where or know someone who does.

The city of Sandefjord combines important qualities of life with an international outlook and a business community geared to the future. Sandefjord has 116 islands within its city limits. Small bays give overnight shelter for those boating enthusiasts, while the beaches are teeming with life during the warm, summer days. The main, city harbour offers showers and washing facilities. The coastal clean up service inspects the beaches and collects garbage from the public areas on the Sandefjord coastline.


During a few short summer months, the small town "look" is made more alive through holliday guests and travellers. In the summer the harbour area is the centre. Here, you can enjoy fresh boiled prawns, have a small meal outdoors and have a cool drink. From the quay, you view all the boatlife. Close to 1000 small boats have their regular places here. You will also find a unique and rewarded guest-harbour here. The islands in the Holmestrand fjord offers excellent recreation possibilities. Also here it all comes together for the boatpeople. The nature, clean water, swimming-possibilities and peace makes these islands special.


The beautiful little village 20 km outside Drammen. Svelvik is a great place to be. It is then, that the small and charming village shows it"s best sides. During a few short summer months, the small town "look" is made more alive through holliday guests and travellers. Svelvik has approximately 6.000 inhabitants. The town look simulaer to a little cousy Sørlandstown.


In every municipality you will find links to Local Directory. This will give you information ON whats happen localy in the municipality even Job vacancy.


GoNorway will present companies which have challenging job, development and career prospects in their organizations. In every municipality you will find links to companies offer Job opportunity.


The choice of different activities in Norway such as Fjords, Golf, Skiing, Cycling, Cruising, Fishing, Stave churches etc.


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Vestfold map of Norway with county marked

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