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Sande in Norway Sande municipality coat of arms


178,3 km2

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Sande muncipality has approximately 8.700 inhabitants and covers a area of 178,3 km2. The municipality lies beautifully by the sea. In recent years, the administrative center of Sande has grown significantly due to a large number of new apartments and stores. The municipality highest point is Presteslettås, 563 meters over sea level. Sande is the most northen muncipality in Vestfold County and borders to Holmestrand, Hof, Re, Svelvik and Drammen.

On both sides of the Sandesletta are the vast wooded areas with hills up to 600 meters height. In Vestskogen and Østskogen you will find a total of 60 km prepared ski runs. Vestskogens forests trails located in a snow-secure area nearly 500 meters above sea level and is linked to trails in Svelvik, Holmestrand, Hof and Drammen.

The coast and the islands of Sandebukta provides great opportunities for hiking, swimming, diving and boating. Sandvika, Hagasand, Bekkestranda and Kverntangen are all swimming areas suitable for general use. A dip in Kalmovann and Suluvann are also recommended. There are also many small nice place to stay and swimming around the islands.

Boat piers in Fantebukta, Grisebukta and Gåserumpa. Kano is well suited for Suluvann and up Sande river up from Sandebukta towards Sande center. In Sande there are good opportunities for fishing in sea and fresh water. It is marked coastal path throughout the municipality where the most attractive part is the stretch from Bjørkømoloen to Leina on Berger and the route on Bjerkøya.


Kommersøya and Gåserumpa are great recreational areas and the south end of both islands are protected. Kommersøya with calcareous rock and thus a special flora island has a good family friendly trail from north to south. Fantebukta to the north is a very nice area for swimming.


A recreation area stretches for several kilometres.


Before the fire in 1783 the Vicory lie north from the Church. The Vicory was rebuild and lies further north. Sande Old Vicory are today a museum.


Fishing possibilities are good in Drammesfjorden.


Sande Golfclub is a golf course with 6 holes and a variation of difficulties.