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Stokke in Norway Stokke municipality coat of arms


118,4 km2

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Stokke is the green municipality of Vesffold. Stokke has a total area of 118,4 km2, a green and open landscape. Therefore, openness has become our trademark. The municipality with its approximately 11.200 inhabitants is well organised with ample acreage for service industries, farming and manufacturing industries, and with short distances to the airport, railway, and the main transport artery: E18. In the heart of Stokke is a pleasant and lively shopping centre with a railway station, city hall, bank, post office, cafeteria, library, doctor's offices, and a chemist's shop.

Stokke´s many attractions comprise the 200 decares beech forest with an outdoors stage in the village green at Bokemoa, the Stokke local museum, golf course, riding centre, the park at Gjennestad Horticultural School with pleasant grill areas, rose garden and bible garden. At Melsom, by RV 303 (Classified Road 303), you will find a restord "Møllerstue" ("Miller's House"), with a reconstructed mill and the plans for a museum.

With its beautiful, rolling countryside and forestry areas, coastline along Vestfjorden with is good bathing possibilities, unique vantage points (Sundåsen Fort and Storåstoppen), Akers Lake with all of its fish, which is also used for ice-sailing, prepared skitracks (60 km), nature and culture trails which possess rivers, streams, varied plant and animal life together with historical monuments, Stokke can offer activity and recreation the whole year round.


Along road 303 between Melsomvik and Tønsberg, several ancient burial grounds ane situated. The largest ancient burial ground is found at Skjærsnes. Twenty-one Viking graves from the period 500 - 1000 AD are located 300 metres south of Vear School. Eleven round graves lie at Gihle, approximately 300 metrers north of Melsom School. Three to four Viking graves are found at Storevahr.


Norway's largest Horticultural School at Gjennestad in Stokke has a park with a lake for swans, large lawns, three grill areas, beautiful flower beds and a bible garden.


In the park thene is a pond with fountain, lawns, benches, playground, sheep-pens and walking trails.


Vestfold´s second largest beech forest of about 20 hectare. The beech forests in Vestfold are the world's most northerly, and beech is Vestfold's national tree. 65% of Vestfold´s area is afforested. In the beech forest one finds many good walking trails, illuminated ski tracks and also the gathering place and "Stokke Village Museum.


Nature and culture trail. Information Board. Varied area with water, plant and animal life, rural fortifications and lookout points.


In 1936 there was a large treasure-trove found at Grimestad. It contained about 30 silver bracelets of various sizes, 7 silver bars of different sizes and 46 whole and half silver coins. The coins were all of the so-caled "kyfiske" type, that is, they were stamped with a sort ot Arabic print which came from the town Kufa in Mesopotamia. The newest of the coins was stamped in the year 922. The find is one of the biggest of it's kind in Europe. It is presumed that the Grimestad treasure could have been buried in the second half of the 10th century. The find was sent to Univensitetets Oldsakssamling.


Sørby in the 19th century Sørby was a village with a coaching inn. In 1854 and 1855 the tax from the sale of alcohol in Sørby covered all of the municipality's expenses. The previous inn has been restored and is privately owned. Here we can also see Skjee church.


Melsomvik with it's "Sørlandske" style is designated as a protected area. Since long ago it has been a centre in Stokke with shipping and a naval base, and with a certain town-like atmosphere. Already in the 16th century there were foreign ships visiting here. The naval bases established at the end of the 19th century played a central role during the independence negotiations in 1905.


At Melsom Agricultural school. Nature trail. Information on pot-holes and historical sites, forests, forestry and animal life.


Miller's cottage and mill at Melsom, by road 303, you will find a restored miller's house, with a reconstructed mill and the plans for a museum.


Fortress since the Union with Sweden 1895 - 05. Fantastic view towards Tønsberg Fjord.


Stokke Church is a brick church from 1886. The church can seat 600 and is one of the largest village churches in Vestfold.


A chapel rebuilt into a church, with a separate bell tower.


A stone church from the 12th century which is the oldest church in Stokke. It celebratet 800 years' jubilee in 1997. The church lies at Sørby beside the Old Kings Road. The altar piece is probably painted by Jacob Lindgard,1770. The pulpit is from 1608.


Amadal Church is from 1882. The walls in the nave and chancel are timber.


Vear Working Chunch dated 1993. Architect Birger Tveiten and Andreas Holmsen.


Fishing possibilities are good in Oslofjorden. There is the salmon-bearing stretch of the Lågen river. Several places along the river, anglers may obtain fishing permits.


Golf in Vestfold.