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Tjøme in Norway Tjøme municipality coat of arms


38,9 km2

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From Nøtterøy we cross Vrengen Bridge over to Tjøme, an island municipality furthest out in the Oslo Fjord towards tha fresh seas of the Skagerrak in Vestfold. The three main islands, Tjøme, Brøtsø and Hvasser together with lots of small islands with sheltered harbours is a well known holiday paradise where one can experience good bathing and fishing possibilities during the summer´s long and sunny days. Tjøme claims to have most sunny days in the year ! Tjøme's nature and contact with the skerries and the sea. There are 4 km2 of public ground on Tjøme.

Tjøme municipality area is 38,9 km2. and approximately 4.900 people live here pemmanently. During the summer there are between 20-30.000 residents on this popular holiday island, due to the 2.600 summerhouses here. There are restaurants, hotels, cottages to rent, camping grounds and a school camp. Tjøme centre with shops, bank, petrol station, Post Office, police and other public offices, lies close to the church.

Tjøme is also an attraction for those who seek the first sign of spring or the beautiful colours of autumn. The foaming spray from a raging sea over the rocks at Verdens End or the clear, calm days of winter can be a worth while experience. Do not forget to taste the unforgettable, fresh Tjøme cod or fresh shrimps.

The Tjøme poet Alf Larsen lived at Rød Gård, and it was the sculptor Finn-Henrik Bodvin, also from Tjøme, who made the Alf Larsen monument which is 200 metres south of Tjøme church. The artist Bernhardt Folkestad had close connections to Tjøme. The Tjøme ship-owner, Otto Thoresen, was the pioneer for the change over from sail to steam-ships.


Hvasser with the village of Sandøsund also has a unique contact with the skerries and the sea. In Sandøsund there is a fish quay with sale of fish. There is also a pilot-boat harbour. The pilot, Severin Evensen from Tjøme, had the honour of piloting King Håkon VII to Oslo when he came to Norway in 1905. South of Hvasser there are good rambling and bathing possibilities. On the northern part of the island is the well known bathing beach, Lilleskagen.


The first bridge was opened in 1932. At that time it was Northern Europe's longest suspension bridge and cost about NOK 600.000. The Mayor, Mr. Backer, was very enthusiastic about having a bridge and donated NOK 20.000 from his private means to tha project. His bust can be seen at the Tjøme side of the bridge. Payment of a toll to cross the bridge ended in 1948, and money which was raised financed Røssesund bridge. A new bridge at Vrengen Sound was completed in 1981. It cost NOK 27 million, and was partly financed by the bridge toll. Every day 4.000 cars drive over the about 500 metres long bridge. In July almost 8.000 cars daily. Height 27 metres.


Røssesund bridge, was finished in 1952. Height 14metres. The prooject is connected to the Mayor, Chr. R. Granøe. His bust is situated just before the bridge at Ormelet.


"World's End" lies furthest south on Tjøme. The area has fantastic views towards the Skagerrak. Superb bathing and fishing possibilities from smooth rocks and islands. The name "World's End" originated amongst travellers here in the beginning of the 20th century. Before that the area was best known as vantage point for pilots looking for ships. The well known "basket lighthouse" and the restsurant were built in 1932. The "basket lighthouse" can be seen, built as a tourist attraction in 1932, using drift bouilders from Tjøme.

The long pier from the mainland out towards the small islands forms a protected harbour basin. Here lies one of Tjøme's largest Marinas. There is also a kiosk and grill area. Several fishermen from Tjøme have their boats here. Post from Verdens Ende is stamped with a special post-mark.

Moutmarka is the culture landscape along the World's End. Here you find slopes of naked rock and plains with sloescrubs. Nature trails. Information board. Maps for sale. No camping.


Færder Lighthouse, is Norwsy's oldest lighthouse. it was lit for the first time in 1697. There used to be an open coai fire on the rocks on top of the island Store Færder. Improvements took place gradually until 1857, when today's lighthouse was erected on Tristein. The light in the 43 metres cast-iron tower was fired with mineral oil. Today electricity is used.


Tjøme Radio Station is the country's oldest MB station, founded in 1905 by the navy and taken over by Televerket in 1910. The station covers the radiotraffic for all in and out going ships in the Oslo Fjord and parts of the North Sea. Call signal LGT.


It was built up as a part of the Oslo Fjord Defence in the 1930's. The coast artillary was stationed on Mågerø until the 1960's, apart from the years during the second world war. Since 1962 the Royal Norwegian Air Force has had control of the Radar Station here on Mågerø Military area. The armed forces are the largest source of employment in Tjøme, employing 110.


Torås Fort, at Tjøme Radio Station was built as a coastal fortress in 1935-40 and is equipped with 3 cannons. Panorama view.


Tjøme Church was built in 1866 after the demolition of the medieval church which stood on the same site. Beautiful altar piece and pulpit carved by the Danish wood-carver Abel Schrøder, 1670-76. The gallery paintings are dated to the1600's and show the apostles and the wise and foolish virgins. The baptismal font is dated 1789, crucifix from before 1350. 2 of the 4 church bells were cast in Amsterdam in 1707 and 1712. The other 2 were cast in 1937 by Olsen Nauens Bell Foundry in Tønsberg. Services and concerts are arranged in the church during the summer.


Hvasser Church is a wooden church from 1902. The altar piece has a motive from the resurection painted by Lagerta Nilsen and the murals are by Gebauer Ernø.


It is open the whole summer. The senter is located in a former boardinghouse, where there also is a gallery and a café. Art exhibitions and concerts are arranged every year between mid-June and mid-August.


Engø Gård serves gourmet meals. Engø Gård has wine cellar of more than 2500 bottles representing around 400 labels.


Fishing possibilities are good in Oslofjorden and at Tjøme. Do not forget to taste the unforgettable, fresh Tjøme cod or fresh shrimps.


Tjøme Golfclub is a 9 hole golf course. A fun and popular course in the summer. Follow the main road to Tjøme and you will see the course on your right side with Tjøme Church. Approximately 20 km south of Tønsberg.